Hat Tip to the Past, Update for the Future: Rebranding Case Study by CauseEngine

Located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, a Graphic and Web Design company locally recognized as CauseEngine, published their findings regarding rebranding efforts with the Marine Raider Foundation (MRF), and nationally recognized nonprofit organization.

CauseEngine, a Graphic and Web Design company located in Denver, Colorado, recently published a case study of a rebranding project with the Marine Raider Foundation (MRF), a Veterans Nonprofit serving elite Special Operations Marines and their families. MRF is a self-described “mom and pop” shop organization that is seeing increased demand for their services due to the current war effort. MRF identified the need for an update and outlined a careful plan to merge with one of the oldest military nonprofits in the country.

The case study outlines organizational challenges such as the current branding and positioning, service marketability, and the proposed merger along with the actions CauseEngine took to guide the nonprofit through this process.

The study highlights CauseEngine’s method to rebranding which includes an audit of the current brand, prescribing against the identified needs, outlining a clear path against objectives and the company’s thoughtful approach of paying homage while ushering in a new brand.

CauseEngine spearheaded a drastic repositioning of the brand so it can more effectively market and deliver its services. A point-by-point brand audit discovered opportunities for better positioning, gave in-depth insight into the competition, built audience personas to increase marketability and provided a detailed road map from brand exploration to creation to guide stakeholders through the entire process.

CauseEngine designers built an entirely new brand aesthetic from the ground up including a new name, logo, brand story and brand guidelines; marketing collateral, communications and video assets as well as an optimized website and donation platform.

The case study also showcases CauseEngine’s role in advising Foundation Staff and its Board of Directors in its exploration and eventual execution of a successful merger. CauseEngine outlined the early stages of the merger process, advised on considerations to amplify this opportunity and ultimately aligned the merger process with the overall rebrand strategy.

“Our Board and staff were actively looking for experts to help our organization prepare for the future. We found that in CauseEngine. They helped guide our decision makers and provided expert advice and services that will surely affect our organization for years to come!” – Derek Herrera, Board Chair.

Brand is more than just a logo. It’s the look, feel, voice, tone, colors, moods and emotions that are evoked by a mission. CauseEngine takes pride in the process and as illustrated with Marine Raider Foundation, will deliver on its brand promise.

For more information on this case study or CauseEngine services, please visit visit https://www.causeengine.com/. You can also connect with the CauseEngine team at info@causeengine.com, or on the company’s social media platforms: https://www.instagram.com/causeengine/, https://www.facebook.com/CauseEngine/, https://twitter.com/causeengine?lang=en, https://www.linkedin.com/company/causeengine/, https://medium.com/@CauseEngine/.

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