Harry Hyena Gives Away Free Audio Book to Celebrate New Kindle Kids Ebook Launch

Harry Hyena offers a free fun children’s audiobook - Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile. The 25 minute audiobook celebrates the launch of Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile's Kindle eBook on 21st March 2016. The audiobook is available from http://harryhyena.com until 16th April.

Mums, dads and grandparents looking to entertain young children can benefit from a free Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile audio book. Today, the author, PP Wallingford, announced the free 25 minute audio book offer to celebrate the launch of Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile’s Kindle eBook on 21st March 2016. The main character is Harry the Helpful Hyena who has a mission to help everyone get what they want. The audio book is available from http://harryhyena.com until April 16th 2016.

PP Wallingford, the author, when asked about audio books said, “Audio books are fantastic alternative ways to have the children use their imagination. I remember when I was a child listening over and over to recorded fairy stories. You used your imagination to build the characters as you saw them. Now the family often listen to audio books on long car journeys.

The free audio book has music and sound effects to complete the story experience. When asked about Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile, the author said, “I loved making the Harry Hyena audio books as I can express my characters’ personalities in different voices. Children and adults love the characters and especially the slightly naughty bits of the story. The sound effects bring the story to life in a crazy and fun way.”

Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile was written to make primary school aged kids laugh, be creative and think about keeping their teeth clean. It includes:

A crazy Hyena with lots of idea – Harry the Hyena is a fun and motivating role model to children. The book shows him helping people. Children will see the benefit of trying crazy new ideas. They’ll see the hilarious results. They’ll see that Harry never gives up.

Energetic cartoons – bright and beautiful drawings bring this book to life. Children love the cartoon which show just what happens when Harry tries to fix Coco the Crocodile’s terrible breath. They’ll want to read the book again and again.

Good reasons for kids brushing their teeth – PP Wallingford made sure that Harry and Coco helps children and parents make their lives better. Parents and kids will appreciate this story because everyone needs to be reminded to look after their teeth and have fresh breath.

Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile is PP Wallingford’s first book release and he is excited to bring new jokes and new characters to more people.

Those interested in learning more can do so on Harry Hyena’s own website at www.harryhyena.com. There are more audio books available and more in progress.

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