Harlingen TX Online Video Marketing Expert Lead Generation Services Announced

Leading Harlingen, Texas based video marketing and digital marketing experts, Crushing Monkeys Digital Marketing, have announced they can help clients grow their business. The team offers expert video design and marketing to ensure clients stand out, bring in more leads, and increase sales.

Crushing Monkeys Digital Marketing, the Harlingen, Texas based marketing experts, have announced they can help clients to grow their business with video and lead generation. The company is a video production specialist that helps brands to grow through the power of video.

More information can be found at: http://crushingmonkeys.net

Video has become the most engaging form of media online, and it’s important for every business to harness the power it can offer. Videos are a great way to showcase products, services, promotions and events, and can increase customer engagement, bring in more leads, and convert site visitors.

The latest research shows that videos on a business landing page can increase conversion by as much as 80%. They are also easily shareable on social media, and represent an effective way to increase brand awareness.

Video can bring products to life, allowing customers to emotionally connect with the item in question. This makes the buying decision easier and leads to more sales faster.

Video also allows business owners to make an impression much faster than with text or images. In less than a minute, companies can engage their customer and connect with them, building trust that can lead to them making a sale or becoming a repeat customer.

Crushing Monkeys states: “We have a fully equipped studio in unusual comfortable home environment with fascinating possibilities of production as well as the post-production of all kinds. Our tradition has been ongoing since 2003 with 5000sq ready for professional use and all sided multimedia space.”

One of the key benefits of working with Crushing Monkeys is that the team focuses on drawing the maximum potential from each idea they work on. The company offers a full range of cutting edge pre-production, production and post-production services.

Videos can be created to suit the needs of any project goal, helping companies in any niche to achieve success online.

Full details of the services offered can be found on the URL above.

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