Harlem NYC Small Business Bookkeeper Tax Advisor & Accountant Services Announced

The acclaimed tax advisor, bookkeeper and financial coach East Harlem Tax Service has announced a new range of bookkeeping packages to help small businesses keep their books clean and the financials running smoothly at a low cost.

The popular East Harlem Tax Service announced it is now offering a range of bookkeeping packages for small businesses owners who want to keep their company running smoothly without the cost of a full-time bookkeeper or accountant.

More information is available at http://eastharlemtaxes.com.

More than 40% of small business owners say that bookkeeping and tax preparation is the worst part of owning a small business and a faulty, amateurish accounting or bookkeeping system is still one of the main reasons why 50% of small businesses fail within the first four years.

To help small businesses who can’t afford a full-time bookkeeper or accountant but still want this important chore delegated to experts who can ensure the business runs smoothly at a low cost, the East Harlem Tax Service has announced a range of bookkeeping packages tailored specifically for companies under $1 million.

The packages available on a monthly or yearly basis are entirely customized for each client’s bookkeeping or tax preparation needs and can help with tasks like separating business and personal expenses, entering credit card charges, recording debit, credit or ACH transactions and checks, petty cash, credit card or bank reconciliations, statements and budgeting or forecasting.

They draw on the years of experience and proven track record of bookkeeper, registered NYC tax preparer and East Harlem Tax Service founder, Mrs. Mapp, ensuring fellow small business owners keep their books clean, make smart financial decisions and can easily access the information or financing they need to grow their business.

The East Harlem Tax Service team explains that “we believe no one should have to pay a big price for a service that is crucial to growing their business so we are made these packages for those who want to keep their business running smoothly, loving their numbers and gaining access to financing without the cost of a full-time bookkeeper or accountant.”

Appointments and consultations with the East Harlem Tax Service and acclaimed bookkeeper, tax adviser and financial coach Mrs. Mapp or more information on the new bookkeeping packages she is offering small businesses under $1 million are available at 646-504-6961 or through http://eastharlemtaxes.com/bookkeeping-services.

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