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The Harlem & Hell's Kitchen NYC Personal Injury Attorney Automobile Accident Lawyer Richard M. Kenny offers free consultations to injured New Yorkers.

More cyclists were killed on the streets of New York City than “in any year in two decades” according to a recent New York Times article. NYC has tackled the problems of street safety across it’s boroughs, and while the general trend is an improvement, there have been some resurgent spikes that are worrisome. Automobile collisions cause damage to property, as well as debilitating injuries and fatalities. Residents living in New York City who have been involved in an automobile collision are urged to seek medical attention to catch any problems, and then they are encouraged to contact a personal injury attorney to make sure that their rights are protected, and that they can get access to the financial compensation that they need to make sure that they can fully treat injuries and cover financial hardships from medical bills, missed time working, or permanent debilitation.

The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny works with residents of New York City’s many boroughs, including Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn, and the many neighborhoods within those boroughs, like Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen (which – contrary to its name – has become a safe and much desired place to live in recent decades!). Mr. Kenny’s practice has helped recover over $250,000,000 for his clients, has prepared for 1000s of trials, and has an incredible win percentage for their clients. Better still, clients pay nothing unless Mr. Kenny’s law firm secures a verdict in their favor, and then it’s only a percentage of the total settlement, meaning they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by grabbing a free consultation with one of the motor vehicle collision personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny, either by visiting their website below, or by calling (646) 808-3785

Mr. Kenny won one of the largest sustained verdicts, recovering over $13 million in damages for a client injured in a non-medical malpractice case involving a severe injury after a vehicle accident in Nassau County. “The jury, using the comparative fault system when placing fault on the two defendants, determined that the driver of the car was 13 percent responsible for the accident and injuries and that Nassau County was 87 percent at fault for the injuries,” shared a spokes person for the firm. That breakdown included:

Pain and suffering (future life expectancy of 46 years) – $1,200,000

Future medical expenses not including medication (for 46 years) – $1,020,569

Future medication expenses (for 46 years) – $7,416,045

Future loss of wages (for 18.25 years until retirement age) – $1,100,000

Future housekeeping services (for 46 years) – $374,436

Future patient care assistance (for 15 years until age 65) – $673,612

“After the trial, the judge from the first court refused to reduce the award by any amount; Nassau County appealed the decision. The appeal was to no avail for the defendants and the appellate court unanimously affirmed the verdict.”

The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny can be contacted by calling (212) 421-0300 or by visiting their website. Initial consultation is always free, and they work on a contingency fee basis meaning they’re only paid if they win a settlement for their clients.

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