Hardwood Hinge Hanging Door Stopper For Child & Pet Home Safety | Range Updated

Hanging Doorstop announced an expanded range of its door stoppers that hang from hinges, suitable for both home and commercial use. Placed above the ground, the product is kept away from kids and pets, preventing tripping hazards and accidental damage to fingers and toes.

Each hinge-hooked stopper of the recently enhanced selection props doors open and allows for different degrees of opening. The child-friendly product helps to prevent jammed finger injuries, ease entering and leaving, and keep doors open for hygienic, touch-free entry.

More details can be found at https://hangingdoorstop.com

As part of the expansion, the doorstop comes in two design formats and can be fitted to both small and large door hinges. It can be utilized by parents, movers, cleaners, carpenters, and owners of hotels and motels.

Hanging Doorstop notes that according to RoSPA, 2 million children under the age of 15 suffer from accidents at home every year. Of these, 15,000 require surgery for trapped fingers in doors.

The company’s primary motivation for developing the Hanging Doorstop was to increase home safety and help prevent finger-trapping accidents. The innovator said: “The spaces behind doors are where kids play and get their fingers trapped. Through trial and error, I came up with the Hanging Doorstop, or child finger guard, to prevent the doors from closing.”

One of the Hanging Doorstop designs, the Little Brother, features a hardwood body with brass or stainless-steel hooks. It is easy to use, requires no tools to fit, and holds doors open to 70 degrees.

The Big Brother was developed after the company was approached by commercial users, movers, and first responders who needed to hold doors open wider. This option is available in wood or high-quality steel and props doors open to 90 degrees.

Both designs can be used on different types of doors. For those who want to hold a door open wider, the company recommends using both Big Brother and Little Brother together or two Little Brothers. Optional reflective tape is provided for visibility.

The Hanging Doorstop was developed by a father of 2 – Tony Roma, to help increase safety at home for children, pets, and adults. The products can be purchased through the company’s website, via Amazon and Etsy for customers throughout the US and internationally.

A satisfied customer said: “There are two disabled people in our household. When we go out via wheelchair or gurney, this door stopper keeps our door from slamming. We live in a high-rise building and the strong cross drafts can blow the door shut. This helps us get through the door safely.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://hangingdoorstop.com

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