Har Kok Kit – A Digital Marketer of Malaysia Mastering Communication Technology

Har Kor Kit has chosen to be unique, and it has made him a revered personality in the media; he specializes in several areas such as broadcast, communication, and digital marketing.

There is a need to switch brands in today’s digital world. This is because clients do not just want the ordinary, banal contents anymore, they need something that is real and interactive and can help them provide real meaning to their desire.

Har Kok Kit is a very efficient company director; his skill in digital marketing has made him stand out. He directs lots of digital spaces in companys and helps them make enough progress. With over 20 years of experience, Har Kok Kit has set high reaching goals for himself and got these goals in no time. His wealth of experience has made his skill high ranking and placed in tall order of preference to several companies.

He has garnered a wealth of experiences working with modern digital media and other traditional media houses. He manages several campaign and multi-disciplinary team and ensures that every member of his team not just only contributes to its success but also participate actively in the success process. What a man!

Har Kok Kit is creative and analytical. He makes use of his analytic skills to critically focus on the strategies he has set aside on the motion of success on any company he has managed. This method has helped him to draw the attention of the audience on the internet.

Success comes with its rewards and Har Kor Kit has been awarded severally with awards and recommendation by high ranking officials and business owners. However, there is some other feature that stands Har Kor Kit out from his peers; his exceptional customer relationship. He relates very calmly and adequately to his clients. He was awarded the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing by the Digital Marketing Institute.

While working at the Asian Televisions Award as a member of the Jury, several young media personnel who aimed to be expert in their professions, benefitted immensely from his mentorship. He put them through the rudiments of leadership and helped them understand who they were and how to become stellar.

Har Kor Kit is a unique personality and has great talent that includes expertise in; Live broadcast, Content development, General management, Strategic problem solving, Film/Television/Video production expertise, digital marketing campaigns (social media, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, email, analytics), and Advertising and Promotion. Furthermore, he has also worked as a production designer, Art director, and managing different communications and media companies.

Har Kor Kit has also designed television programs and campaigns. He is skilled in the various method of production that can apply to several cultures and background. Every of Malaysia’s resources and production facilities was all engaged in one way or another while he worked with them. He is a leader and manager who always builds a team that would specialize in communication and media clientele. Through this group, he mentored a set of devoted members who carried on his passion for excellence.

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