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Holistic expert on pet health topics features on-point material that delivers exactly the kind of information you need.

Persian Cat Health Requires Expert Advice From Knowledgeable Source

Holistic expert on pet health topics features on-point material that delivers exactly the kind of information you need.

September 4th, Placerville, CA

Holistic health experts exist for people, but what about animals? Can animals get the same sort of expert care from natural remedies? Does it apply to all animals? It helps to understand the unique anatomy of the animal or animals in question.

One such expert who goes by the name Sage Rivers in Placerville, CA, argues that animals definitely can benefit from this sort of natural care. As an example, Sage Rivers uses the Persian kitty to show how this specific breed of cat suffers from various health problems and benefits from natural treatments with no side effects. Persian cats are well-known for their flattened faces and very narrow nasal passages.

As such these cats can suffer from breathing problems, nasal infections, sinus issues, etc.. She argues that helping your Persian through holistic pet health not only cures many of these problems as they arise, but also boost the cat’s immune system to resist disease and illness going forward. She suggests a raw diet, purified water, natural cat litter, and a variety of other products to keep this type of cat healthy.

When you feed an animal exactly the kind of natural food it would eat if it were a wild animal, the animal feels better, has more energy and lives a longer, healthier life. There is substantial evidence to show that when diets for humans and pets alike are devoid of artificial ingredients and preservatives, overall health and life expectancy improves.

When you have an animal like a Persian cat that can suffer from its natural breeding features, you want to give that animal as much of a fighting chance at good health as you can. Ms. Rivers offers up the valuable research of a pet food specialist as evidence to this effect.

The pet food expert with which Ms. Rivers is very familiar, Robert Meuller, Sr., is quoted as saying,

“A proper diet is the single most powerful tool for the prevention of disease. Mother Nature provides the mechanisms that our pets need to best obtain the nutrients from their diet when they eat enzyme-rich foods. They need to eat what is a biologically appropriate diet. The only permanent cure for disease is your dog’s immune system. This amazing complex transmission of information and defense capabilities has four lines of defense. The immune system is like an army ready to do battle. All of these different white blood cells require proper fuel to operate effectively. Without fuel, they have no power to operate properly.”

Robert Mueller, Sr. ~ is a registered pharmacist, author and developer of Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods. He has spent years mastering appropriate nutrition for all animals based on individual and unique needs of each breed and type of animal, including the Persian kitty.

Ms. Rivers has spent years in her business helping pet owners find exactly what they need to keep their pets happy and healthy. Her new website, Tips for Happy Tails, offers information about different breeds of cats, dogs, and horses. It is meant to be a guide to understanding the application of holistic and natural methods and tips to address your pet’s acute and chronic health concerns.

She now brings a wealth of information to the rest of the world with her online platform. The platform is simply called Tips for Happy Tails, set to launch this month with the first of many invaluable articles on holistic pet healthcare. Be sure to visit the site and you can contact Ms. Rivers with any additional questions you may have at info@happytailtips.com.

Originally published at https://happytails.tips on July 23, 2020.

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