Hansinger, Carrasquillo and Evans to Lead Sexy Action-Thriller “The Squad”

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Alea Hansinger (Lovecraft Country | HBO) Takes Lead in Rick Walker's Action-Thriller "THE SQUAD" with Meghan Carrasquillo, Grace Evans and UFCs Julia "The Raging Panda" Avila.

Alea Hansinger (Lovecraft Country | HBO) Takes Lead in Rick Walker’s Action-Thriller “The Squad” with Meghan Carrasquillo, Grace Evans and UFCs Julia “The Raging Panda” Avila.

State 46 Films has confirmed that all three actresses have joined Avila as the leads in “The Squad” written and directed by Walker and produced by Lisa Faast.

Asked about his cast, Walker said, “These three strong women amped it up in every scene taking this film to a dazzling level. Alea Hansinger who plays “Bella” the ‘big-sis” of the gun-toting, drug-selling trio, was the perfect choice to lead ‘The Squad.‘ She’s not afraid to take over in any situation whether she’s filming or not. While ‘Bella’ is dripping with attitude and confidence, Alea added some really subtle layers to her character that you typically don’t get in an action film like’The Squad.’ Audiences are going to fall in love with her.”

Hansinger said, “Bella has an intensely close bond with ‘Gina’ and ‘Dani’ and lots of persona layers that I was really excited to explore. Viewers will relate to her or feel for her on a lot of different levels as she tries to grow their business and keep her girls alive.”

Regarding Carrasquillo, Walker stated, “Meghan can do it all. You don’t really direct someone with her talent, you just try to stay out of her way. She can shift from chill mode to kill mode in an instant. Watching her drive ‘Gina’ through this film was an exhilarating experience because I never knew when she was going to take a sharp turn.”

Carrasquillo commented, “These 3 women are powerful, savvy, business women dominating their market. ‘Gina’ is constantly in overdrive. She’s a sexy, quick-witted, fireball who plays on the edge. I trusted Rick as a director and he trusted my instincts, so we got to really dig into some deep areas of ‘Gina’ that will let viewers feel and understand her better. But make no mistake, there’s not much room for warm and fuzzy. ‘G’ would rather shoot than chit-chat.”

Grace Evans rounds out ‘The Squad’ and Walker added, “Grace plays ‘Dani’ who is a smart-ass and a badass. She uses her soft-spoken demeanor to deescalate intense situations and then quickly strikes. Dani is probably more dangerous because you don’t see it coming with her. In one scene, she has a meth-head wacko, completely under her spell and two seconds later he’s on the floor in a puddle of blood.”

Evans added, “‘The Squad’ is more than three girls wearing bikinis, blasting guns and moving drugs, it’s about the bond between ‘Bella’, ‘Gina’ and ‘Dani’ and how we stay strong and keep it together through unthinkable life or death situations.”

UFC fighter Julia “The Raging Panda” Avila, Hanna Hunt, Clint McGown, Jordan DragonKing, Shawnee Brittan, Wil Wilson, Ricky Catter, Jennifer Ferguson and Paige Kriet round out the stellar cast.

When asked more specifically about the film, Walker stated, “‘The Squad’ is set during spring break and follows three girls with a sisterly bond who are sharp, fast-moving drug-runners. They set up shop at a new, off-the-radar spring break location every year and their striking increase in market share has a major cartel wanting to either hire ’em or kill ’em. It’s not for the feint of heart. The first scene of the movie is intense and it only amps up from there!”

“The Squad” just completed principal photography with

a release likely in early 2022.


Release ID: 89041225