Hanover MA High Conflict Divorce Attorney/Custody Battle Legal Services Expanded

Updated high conflict divorce services are now available through O'Connor Family Law. The service is ideally suited to couples who are going through an emotionally charged divorce.

O’Connor Family Law, a legal practice based in Westborough, Massachusetts, has launched a new office on the South Shore for high-conflict divorce and custody services.

More information can be found by visiting https://www.familylawma.com/hanover-family/divorce/high-conflict/

The new South Shore office’s divorce services are ideally suited to couples in Hanover and the surrounding South Shore towns who are experiencing high levels of conflict during their divorce and custody battles. Although every divorce case has its own complexities and nuances, high-conflict cases often bring those issues up a notch.

The firm’s founding attorney and CEO states, “I built this firm understanding that the Court loves to see parents be able to get along and do what is right for their children, but it is very hard to do when one parent is purposefully interfering in the other parent’s relationship with their children or conducts themselves in a way that makes co-parenting next to impossible. We have a great deal of experience with the ‘add-ons’ a high-conflict case brings on: working with mental health professionals, guiding the client through a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) investigation, conducting depositions and other discovery, and seeking the assistance of experts when a situation needs to be appropriate described to the Court.”

Each client will have two attorneys and a paralegal assigned to them to ensure the case progresses efficiently. Within a high-conflict divorce, the client’s team at O’Connor Family Law will also educate the client and fight for the client’s ideal outcome for all of the issues needing to be addressed within the divorce, which include the division of marital property, child custody and parenting time (visitation), alimony, child support, health insurance, tax-related issues, and more. Throughout the process, they use their experience to zealously advocate for the client and fight for justice.

If you are going through a high-conflict divorce or custody matter or you think your case may fall within the category of “high-conflict” because your ex is a narcissist, has a substance-abuse issue, has mental health issues that prevent them from being able to co-parent, is extremely controlling, or for any other issue, the attorneys at O’Connor Family Law are ready and willing to seek a legal resolution that addresses all of your concerns with parenting your children with your ex in the future.

As part of the expansion, the firm is working on building a new educational process for its clients that will help each new client understand what to expect from the process, understand the legal issues ahead of them, and assist them in being a valuable team player in the strategy and execution of their case. No case is ever the same, so although the law is the law, the attorney will analyze each case based on its own unique factual history and character with the client to determine the best strategy for that particular person.

Interested parties can arrange representation via telephone or through the firm’s online case evaluation request form.

Peter, a previous client of O’Connor Family Law, says, “I had a long, hard, difficult divorce. Heather and her team were supportive and very

successful when going against a very large, expensive, and overly aggressive (ill mannered) Boston law firm. Divorce is not a loss. It is a chance to let your family grow and live a new life with new opportunities. Heather and her team know and practice that every day.”

O’Connor Family Law focuses on helping their clients navigate high-stress and high-emotion divorce proceedings and each team member has had a personal experience within family law, so they understand the ups and downs that come along with the court process first-hand. That understanding has been invaluable to clients because they know their attorney actually does understand what they are feeling and going through. The firm has over 35 years of collective experience in family law and are committed to providing efficient and first-class representation.

A spokesperson for the firm explains, “Divorce is a process that completely changes one’s life and can be extremely difficult on everyone involved. It often leads to a range of emotions, such as anger, jealousy, resentment, and even revenge. Getting through the process can be overwhelming which is why a dedicated divorce lawyer can be the ally clients need for support throughout the proceedings.”

For more information on O’Connor Family Law and their newly expanded high-conflict divorce services on the South Shore, visit https://www.familylawma.com/hanover-family/divorce/high-conflict/

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