Hank Washington Launches “C&C Baby Stroller Baby Carriage” Travel Pram

HankWashington.com announces the launch of its new pushchair, The C&C Baby™ Stroller Baby Carriage. Further information can be found at https://hankwashington.com/products/c-c-baby-stroller-baby-carriage

Hank Washington today announced the official launch of its new pushchair the “C&C Baby Stroller Baby Carriage” available from their website for customers across america.

This discounted product can be purchased by going to https://hankwashington.com/products/c-c-baby-stroller-baby-carriage

The first thing parents and carers should expect is a big improvement in the ease and enjoyment of traveling with a baby or toddler. C&C Baby Stroller Baby Carriage makes this happen by being comfortable for the child and easy for the parent to push and steer as will as being fordable allowing transport it in a car trunk or boot.

The C&C Baby Stroller Baby Carriage is incredibly versatile and can be customized to suit the growing needs of your family.

The seat can be adjusted to 3 positions from sitting to lying. The direction can also be changed allowing forward viewing mode and parent to child mode.

The launch of this type of product is to be expected from a business who places this much value on providing their customers with great quality products in a low cost and affordable way.

As well as that, Hank Washington will be celebrate the launch event by offering all customers 50% discount of of the normal price. It is their hope that this will make this product as popular as our best sellers while helping parents out in this difficult time.

When questioned about the launch John Sykes, Head of marketing at Hank Washington said “we hope that this product will be awarded the Best Stroller 2020 award, unfortunately it was released a little to late for the “Best Stroller 2019″ competition.”

Craig Holder, Head of customer services at Hank Washington also wanted to add “”The C&C Baby Stroller Baby Carriage is very popular with mum, dads and grandparents as it can be used as a baby carriage for newborn babies then easily reconfigured as a pushchair for toddlers”

Those wishing to know more should go to https://hankwashington.com/products/c-c-baby-stroller-baby-carriage

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