Hands of Health Bodywork Massage Announces Motivation Series for Runners

A new video series for runners is released by Hands of Health Bodywork Massage. These videos, the Three Critical Keys to Running, help athletes who run with the tools required to achieve success, prevent injuries, heal quickly, and the discipline to achieve their best.

Hands of Health Bodywork Massage has created a series of articles and videos to help athletes who run with the motivation they need to be a successful runner. Details about the program can be found on the company website at http://hohbodywork.com/natural-health/new-running-…

“It seems like such a simple thing, but my clients who are athletes tell me they struggle if they don’t have the clear knowledge of why they run and the underlying strategy required” owner Cade Holmseth said.

Cade Holmseth is an athlete himself and understands the power of motivation in all sports. “It’s not just about playing a game and winning. It’s about doing what it takes behind the scene to get your body to its peak. The underlying components of motivation are critical to preventing injuries, healing quickly when they occur, and finding the discipline to push forward to achieve your best.”

Success is more than discipline. It’s a series of steps, when taken together that make the difference between winning and losing, completing a marathon, or running for a lifetime

The running motivation series covers the Three Critical Keys to Running in video and articles with the final chapter on creating a step-by-step strategy coming up for release.

Massage is part of the overall running strategy. A Sports Massage (Deep Tissue Massage) is different from the regular, Swedish Massage most people know. It takes extensive training for a massage therapist to understand when and how to use the different types of massage. The right massage at the right time speeds healing and increases circulation.

Studies show that a regular massage can prevent injuries, help the body heal faster, and improve performance for athletes and other active people.

Cade Holmseth, President of Hands of Health Bodywork, is pleased about helping runners stay motivated and active, saying “I am committed to providing the best customer service with particular effort on achieving great health for my clients through natural methods. A massage therapist is an important partner for an athlete’s health. And since I’m an athlete, too, I can attest these three keys really work.”

Persons interested in learning more about Hands of Health Bodywork Massage and the Three Critical Keys to Running can visit the website at http://hohbodywork.com/

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