Handmade Pocket Square Manufacturer From Liverpool Shocked the Fashion Industry

Men's Finest Pocket Square announced the availability of their new Lifetime Pocket Square Subscription Service beginning 29/01/2015.

Customers did not expect that – the new and groundbreaking product called Lifetime Pocket Square Subscription Service by Men’s Finest Pocket Square. The detailed product listing can be found here: http://mensfinestpocketsquare.co.uk/

Lifetime Pocket Square Subscription Service is designed to appeal specifically to Fashion enthusiasts, Business Owners, and just simply Men who want to feel and look good. By wearing fashion accessories like pocket squares and bow ties, today’s Men can easily stand out and be recognized for it. 

Benefits of this new subscription service includes:

- Hassle-free pocket square delivery service – Takes the guess work out of choosing what’s best on the market and what’s trendy & timeless. The in-house designers are widely recognized for choosing the best suitable pocket square and match that with a bow tie or an outfit.

- All pocket squares are handmade – The are made to the highest quality and to the best industry standards. The company has spend significant amount of time to prepare the launch of this new subscription product.

- Expert advise and money back guarantee withing first 30 days – the subscription can also be finished at any time – no questions asked.

Michael Frackowiak, Head of Design of Men’s Finest Pocket Square, when asked about Lifetime Pocket Square Subscription Service said:

“We are very proud at what we do here at Men’s Finest Pocket Square, especially from all of our handmade pocket squares. We came today to offer something completely different. To surprise everyone. In simple terms – You subscribe, we deliver pocket squares and bow ties to your door. Every month.”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Men’s Finest Pocket Square. Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing under the same address. The subscription service can be accessed through company main website address: http://mensfinestpocketsquare.co.uk

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