Handheld Infrared Thermometers Play Their Part During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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News worldwide breaks about the use of infrared thermometers to help combat potentially infected individuals trying to enters local stores.

Overheating. Or not.

That’s essentially what it bodes down to when it comes to the topic of handheld infrared thermometers. With COVID-19 reaping havoc on the nation. The likes of dental surgeries, GP surgeries, and even retail shops and supermarkets have turned to make use of handheld thermometers to determine whether or not they should admit people to the premises. With strict guidelines set out by the UK government, does a quick scan of someone’s forehead really tell the whole story?

It seems that with the application of common sense (for example observing the dress of the person in question along with environmental factors and correlating it to the temperature reading on the device.) along with the use of the thermometer, it may paint a better picture than not using one. If there are abnormally high-temperature readings and no factors indicating why the person’s core temperature is so high then for the safety of other people, it may be necessary to refuse said subject entry and in this example, would be a practical use of the device.

Local company Process Parameters Ltd who is renowned for providing industrial process equipment and thermal imaging cameras to the UK weighed in today with their opinion on the matter and how they firmly believe that the handheld devices can play a better part in how we handle the pandemic going forward. They stated that they have a range of handheld infrared thermometers available for industries to perform better checks on their workers. The products are developed initially for industrial application however they can be adapted for this use. So, if a quick and easy method of taking temperature measurements in a non-contact way while on the move or walking around? The Optris MS series may be the perfect match.

So, what are hand-held IR thermometers? They are a non-contact temperature instrument that allows temperature measurements to be taken without the need for the actual object that needs testing to come into contact. This helps to remove any contamination, particularly if it is a food item, in two key areas where the consumer is held at a distance from the item being checked. The response time for an infrared thermometer is usually within one second before the digital display screen shows the resulting temperature reading. A handheld thermometer can only measure the temperature of the surface and not the internal temperature of the product.

To find out more about Process Parameters click here: https://www.processparameters.co.uk

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