Hampton Roads Digital Marketing Agency Launches Restaurant Marketing Services

Hackworth Marketing is now offering restaurant marketing services combining Facebook advertising, automated Messenger bots and a follow up system to track ROI.

Hackworth Marketing, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, in now offering restaurant marketing services. The marketing agency launched a new initiative focused on partnering with restaurant owners to increase business through Facebook advertising, automated Messenger bots and a follow up system that tracks return on investment (ROI).

For more information on Hackworth Marketing’s restaurant strategies visit https://www.hackworthmarketing.com/restaurant-marketing/.

“Traditionally restaurants were able to utilize email lists to reach out to customers in order to get more sales. In recent years the changes in email reading habits have led to less effective campaigns,” said Director Mark Rowan. “Previously, organic Facebook business page posts were another viable option to reach customers. Due the changes in Facebook’s algorithm fewer people see and interact with posts. Business owners must now focus on how to target their ideal customer more efficiently. This Facebook marketing program has been proven to grow restaurant business throughout the United States.”

Hackworth Marketing develops results-oriented digital marketing strategies for local businesses in Hampton Roads and beyond. In addition to Facebook advertising, Hackworth Marketing provides website development, local SEO, email marketing, video production and content management. Hackworth Marketing works with various industries including retail, medical, education, security, communications and home improvement.


Hackworth Marketing is a division of Hackworth Reprograhics, Inc. Founded in 1991 in Chesapeake, Hackworth has additional locations in Suffolk, Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia. In 2019, Hackworth Graphics & Printing and Hackworth Technology subsidiaries were created to better serve customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Since 2012, sister print provider The Graphics Shop has been a part of the Hackworth family of companies. Hackworth also manages the on campus print shop at the College of William & Mary. The diverse range of business capabilities allows Hackworth to provide professional marketing, printing and technology services to help businesses grow in Hampton Roads as well as throughout the United States.

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