Hammock Properties Announces A Change To Their Business Name

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A real estate buyer in Tampa Bay changes their business name from Hammock to Hammock Properties, to eliminate any possible confusion to their customers.

Hammock Properties, formerly known as Hammock, is officially changing their business name to Hammock Properties. The name change was necessary due to confusion in the marketplace and adding “Properties” to their business name will let customers know they are involved in real estate.

Hammock Properties purchases real estate in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida area in any condition. The company understands that many property owners do not want to go through the hassle and uncertainty of selling their property by listing it with a real estate agent. The objective of Hammock Properties is to make the sale as easy as possible for the property owner by making an all cash offer for a property regardless of the situation or the condition of the house.

There are many reasons why property owners hesitate to sell using the traditional method of listing with a selling agent. They might be in a foreclosure. They might have a “fixer upper” and they do not want to go through the expense of renovation. They might own a rental property that has undesirable tenants. They might have inherited a property that is too expensive to upkeep. They might need to sell quickly because they need to relocate right away. They might be going through a divorce and need to cash out on their house in order to finalize the divorce. Regardless of the reason, Hammock Properties is there to take the property off of the owner’s hands without hassle.

Because the property owner can sell to Hammock Properties without listing their home with a conventional real estate agent, he saves money by not having to pay a sales commission to the selling agent. This commission is typically 6% of the sales price which the seller pays. On top of that, the closing costs are also typically paid by the seller. By selling the house directly to Hammock Properties, the seller will not have to pay these fees.

Selling to Hammock Properties also does not require the seller to pay for an appraisal of the property because the company will purchase the property in cash. If any repairs need to be made, the seller does not need to make them because Hammock Properties will purchase the property in any condition. The seller does not need to clean up the property and stage it for showing to one buyer after another, a process that is often stressful and disruptive.

Hammock Properties has simplified the selling process & their amazing reviews prove it. First, the seller contacts Hammock Properties with information about the property and his goals. Next, the company replies to the seller with options on how they can help the seller achieve his goals. Based on the location of the property, its current condition, the cost of any repairs, and the recent sales price of comparable properties in the neighborhood, the company makes a cash offer that is agreeable to both sides.

Once Hammock Properties makes an offer, the seller can receive payment in cash in as little as one to two weeks. Listing with a traditional realtor can require the seller to wait 90 days or more from offer until closing. With Hammock Properties, there is no long waiting period. The sale can close right away, or the seller can set a closing date of his choosing.

Hammock Properties is a full-service home buying company specializing in assisting property sellers who do not want to go through all the hassle, time, and expense of listing their property with an agent. The seller does not incur any extra fees out of pocket. The goal of Hammock Properties is to allow the property owner to relax while the company does all of the work. The company will purchase a property in any condition with a cash offer. It is an ideal option for any seller who wants a sales process that is quick and simple.

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