Hamilton ON Stearns And Foster Firm/Soft Mattress – Custom Design Line Launched

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Direct Bed (844-475-3378) has launched their new Stearns & Foster line of mattresses, which includes 3 models for customizable comfort - the Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid.

The new Stearns & Foster mattresses are hand-crafted by master mattress makers, with many models available. These are award-winning designs that are backed by multiple quality guarantees, highly engineered to deliver the most comfortable experience available for the price point.

Learn more at https://directbed.ca/collections/stearns-and-foster-mattresses

Each of these new mattresses are hand-signed by the craftsman who assembled them, an uncommon touch for an uncommon product.

Settling for a sub-par mattress can have disastrous consequences. Recently, a study found that nearly 16 million people suffered from back pain in America alone, due in large part to poor sleeping habits. A lack of support can mean spinal damage, inflammation, and chronic pain.

Thankfully, these problems can be avoided. The Stearns & Foster mattresses are designed with a 2-tier support system which includes Intellicoil technology and Indulge HD memory foam to fully cradle the body and make for an unforgettable sleeping experience.

For those who prefer a softer mattress, the Estate collection provides luxurious memory foam support without the sagging that many foam beds suffer from. The quality guarantee ensures that the pillow top will last as long as it needs it to without degrading.

The Lux Estate edition provides a firmer sleeping experience and maximum support to those who need it most. Recipient of the Live Better Award from House Beautiful, these mattresses are in a league of their own.

Combining support with pillowy softness, the Hybrid edition is the best of both worlds. This model, like every model in the collection, comes with further customization options in terms of thickness and size, and will be hand-built to suit any specific needs. The Stearns & Foster collection is available for $300 off with a limited-time discount, making the dream of unparalleled comfort and quality more attainable than ever.

Direct Bed is a Canadian company that has been family-owned and operated for nearly a decade. Highly rated by both customers and the Better Business Bureau, they are committed to customer service and carry only the highest quality products.

For more information, please visit https://directbed.ca/collections/stearns-and-foster-mattresses

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