Hamilton ON RV Replacement Mattress King RV / Short Queen Camper Report Released

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Hamilton, Ontario-based Direct Bed, an online bed and mattress shopping platform serving Canadian and US customers, (1-844-475-3378), has released a guide that helps RV owners replace their vehicles' mattresses in a quick and affordable fashion.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) travel is becoming more popular throughout North America because of its convenience, flexibility, and comparatively low cost. This news report is helping RV owners replace their mattresses with Short Queen Camper models, King RV mattresses and customized sizes.

More information can be found at https://directbed.ca/pages/rv-mattress

Direct Bed fills a unique niche within the travel and leisure segment by providing quality replacement mattresses in queen, king, and customized sizes. Their latest guide titled “RV Mattress Ultimate Replacement Guide” helps customers update old beds accurately and conveniently.

The first step is determining the size. The most accurate way to take these measurements is to record the dimensions of the surface that holds the mattress rather than the mattress itself because over time, mattresses can lose their shape.

When choosing an RV mattress, customers have four options: basic value foam; memory foam; pocket coil; and cooling RV mattresses.

For RV owners who use their vehicles just a few times per year, the guide recommends the basic value foam mattress. Basic foam mattresses are affordable, can withstand greater body weights, and tend to have fewer manufacturer defects. These are made with eco-friendly soy instead of petroleum, making this a better option for the environment, and for an individual’s health.

By investing in a good-quality memory foam mattress, RV owners can ensure travelers won’t wake up to aches or pains. This is because memory foam mattresses are extra dense and are engineered to cradle the body.

Equally high in quality is the pocket coil mattress. For those who live in their RVs, Direct Bed recommends investing in this option. Pocket coils offer breathability and contribute to better airflow. Pocket coil mattresses can be enhanced with premium cooling components to provide even more comfort.

Direct Bed products can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the United States. Standard orders take 3 – 8 days to be delivered and rush orders can be accommodated.

With the release of their guide, the team at Direct Bed is providing their customers with the information they need to outfit their vehicles with the mattress sizes and models best suited to their travel lifestyle needs.

Visit https://directbed.ca/pages/rv-mattress to find out more.

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