Hamilton ON Orthodontist Reveals Successful Migraine Relief

Bite discrepancies in children are not always easy for a parent to spot, nor easily recognized by an untrained eye. Early orthodontic treatment through Schacher Orthodontics in Hamilton, Brantford, and Simcoe, ON could potentially eliminate years of pain.

Dr. Victor Schacher, owner of Schacher Orthodontics, Hamilton, ON, believes that early treatment can prevent orthodontic disasters later. One example is a narrow upper jaw, which causes the lower jaw to bite to one side. This is known as unilateral crossbite, and can cause problems such as migraine headaches. This type of crossbite can also cause facial disfigurement such as a protruding lower jaw or upper teeth.

Such was the case with a staff member of Dr. Schacher who had suffered for over 15 years with chronic headaches of an unknown cause. Dr. Schacher stated: “The first step in treatment was orthopedic widening of her upper jaw. Once this was successfully done, her lower jaw no longer shifted to the side and with that change, her headaches remarkably disappeared.”

Early orthodontic treatment through Schacher Orthodontics in Hamilton, ON could have eliminated those years of pain. According to Dr. Schacher: “This type of unilateral crossbite generally first appears in the child’s baby teeth and is best corrected at that time. The narrow upper jaw is much easier to widen in a young child when bones are more malleable. In general, the best and most resilient results are achieved when the problem is treated at a young age (age 3 to 7).”

Bite discrepancies are not always evident to a parent nor easily recognized by an untrained eye. The expertise of Dr. Schacher and his expert Orthodontics team is required to detect such issues.

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Dr. Schacher’s philosophy is this: “Our focus must be to make an individual look, function, and feel as normal as possible as early as possible.”

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