Hamilton ON Orthodontist Early Treatment – Children’s Braces Services Launched

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Hamilton, Ontario orthodontic clinic launched specialized pediatric early treatments that aim to provide children and teens with excellent dental health.

Schacher Orthodontics, an orthodontic clinic located in Hamilton, Ontario announced the launch of an updated range of pediatric early treatments. The clinic specializes in a wide range of high-quality orthodontic care for people of all ages.

More information can be found at https://www.myorthodontist.ca

With over two decades of experience under his belt, Dr. Victor Schacher has been providing excellent oral care to the community of Hamilton and the surrounding areas in Ontario for many years. His clinic’s newly updated services aim to provide young children with early diagnosis and orthodontic treatments.

A specialist in pediatric orthodontics, a renowned professor, and the president of The Brant County Dental Society, Dr. Schacher’s reputation precedes him. His skill and quality of work have been praised by colleagues and are highly regarded in the local community. Visit https://www.myorthodontist.ca/meet-the-doctor for more information.

According to Dr. Schacher, early treatment significantly affects the course of a person’s overall oral health. By diagnosing issues at an early age, erupting teeth can be properly guided to their favorable positions to reduce the likelihood of crooked, overlapping, or protruding teeth.

The treatment offered at Schacher Orthodontics is called the two-phase growth modification. With the treatment, the growth of a child’s jaw can be monitored as permanent teeth start to come in. It also regulates the width of the upper and lower dental arches so that it creates ample space for teeth to grow.

The two-phase treatment helps in considerably avoiding permanent tooth extractions, impacted teeth, and even speech problems in the future. Besides pediatric orthodontics, the clinic also offers adult treatments, braces and retainers, Invisalign, and orthognathic surgery.

Schacher Orthodontics is known for delivering exceptional state-of-the-art orthodontic care in a caring and stress-free environment. First-time patients are given two free appointments with examinations and consultations with Dr. Schacher as well as free diagnostic x-rays.

A satisfied client said: “Probably one of Brant County’s true gems. From the other orthodontists I’ve checked out in the area, none compare to Dr. Schacher. Truly one of the most knowledgeable and outgoing doctors I have met.”

Interested parties can visit https://www.myorthodontist.ca/early-treatment for more information.

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