Hamilton ON Local Car Scratch/Bumper Repair Cost Comparison Platform Launched

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Online car repair comparative marketplace, Auto Fix Buddy, is announcing the launch of its platform in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. The first of its kind, the tool helps prevent drivers from overspending on repair costs by providing instant comparisons between local automotive repair shops.

The newly announced car repair comparison tool provides motorists with a transparent way of searching for local repair and maintenance services. It also benefits neighborhood repair shop owners by delivering exposure on a high-profile platform where they can advertise their services for free.

More information can be found at https://autofixbuddy.com/en/homes/why_us

Auto Fix Buddy helps level what can be an unfair playing field that often favors the bigger names in car repair. The launch of this new platform in Ontario and Quebec will benefit drivers who can now compare repair costs and services among local shops to choose a fitting provider. The service also helps to participate repair shop owners promote their businesses so they’re seen by target audiences.

Mechanics make money by charging for labor and by marking up parts used in repairs. This helps them remain profitable after necessary expenses are paid. Labor charges and markups can vary between shops, putting drivers at a disadvantage.

Without Auto Fix Buddy, the only way to compare costs is to gather estimates from individual garages and evaluate overall value. Auto Fix Buddy removes this inconvenience by listing all local automotive services on one comparison platform.

Shop owners and dealerships in Ontario and Quebec can avoid paying costly advertising fees without sacrificing exposure when they list their business on Auto Fix Buddy. The platform places their shop’s name, address, services, specializations, amenities, ratings, and costs directly in front of in-market audiences searching for their expertise.

The platform is easy to use. Vehicle owners simply input the brand of car they drive and their location, and the platform instantly provides a list of qualified local repair shops. Motorists can also refine their searches based on the type of repairs they need or amenities that are important to them, such as rental service, loaner vehicle service, warranty policies, and more. A ‘call us’ button is prominently featured under each listing for extra convenience.

With the launch of the Auto Fix Buddy service in Ontario and Quebec, two of the largest provinces in Canada, motorists, and repair shop owners alike now have a tool that instantly performs the local comparison and promotional activities each segment needs, conveniently and cost-free.

Visit https://autofixbuddy.com/en/homes/why_us to find out more.

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