Hamilton ON 3/4 Mattress – Custom Super Single Size For Antique/RV Beds Launched

Hamilton, Ontario-based bed and mattress retailer, Direct Bed (+1-905-594-1247), has announced the addition of coveted 3/4 mattresses to its online store, available for shipping throughout Canada and the USA.

The new inventory update adds the highly sought-after mattress type to an extensive range that also includes twin, full, queen, king, and other custom-sized models.

For more information, see https://directbed.ca/collections/3-4-mattress-hamilton

With its latest update, Direct Bed moves to ensure that customers in Hamilton and throughout the nation can find custom-sized mattresses that meet their needs. Those searching for 3/4 mattresses and other related products have simplified online access via its official website.

The Canadian bed retailers stress the relative rarity of three quarter mattresses, also known as super single size mattresses. This custom mattress type is frequently in high demand for usage in RVs or on antique beds. With the product being increasingly hard to find in most stores, Direct Bed serves as a reliable source for three quarter mattresses, shipping all over Canada and the USA.

Users of the 3/4 mattress will benefit from its expansive length and width, measuring at 48” by 75” for an extra sleeping area. A wide selection of mattresses is now available in three quarter sizes on the company’s online store, all with varying designs and materials.

Direct Bed further offers a host of advantages throughout the order process, with the aim of creating an optimal customer experience. Customers are entitled to 100-night trials along with convenient exchange procedures to help make sure that their mattress is to their liking.

As explained by the Hamilton bed experts, a well-chosen mattress can provide an array of potential benefits depending on the customer’s body type and specific sleeping requirements. Three quarter mattresses are among the many varieties stocked by Direct Bed, each ideally suited for different individuals.

A company spokesperson elaborated: “Size isn’t the only thing you need to consider when buying a mattress. Take into account your body’s needs. Knowing factors such as your back health, sleeping position, height, and weight will allow you to determine the type of mattress that will keep potential sleep disturbances at bay.”

Interested parties in Hamilton or throughout Canada and the United States are invited to visit https://directbed.ca/collections/3-4-mattress-hamilton to learn more about Direct Beds and its new 3/4 mattresses.

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