Hamilton NZ Roofing Contractors Makeover Renovation Restoration Service Launched

Homeowners in Hamilton, NZ can benefit from a range of newly launched roof renovation, restoration, and makeover services that add value to properties and help sellers achieve their asking price.

Homeowners in Hamilton, NZ can benefit from a range of newly launched roofing services designed to makeover, renovate, restore, and renew properties. Roof Painting Pros Hamilton says its new services are designed to save people money by restoring instead of replacing roofs while also adding value to the overall property.

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The newly launched services are ideal for people who are considering selling their property or want to increase the value of their home. The company says the roof is the primary visual focal point of any house, and it plays a vital role in how a home is perceived.

Roof Painting Pros Hamilton says they have spoken to local real estate specialists and they indicate that a high-quality renovated roof can add between 15 and 40 percent to the value of a home. They added that this is due to the fact a roof in poor condition or that looks to have issues can imply the property is neglected.

If a potential buyer suspects the roof needs work, the team say they are likely to make an offer on the property below the market asking price in a bid to save as much as possible. Homeowners looking to sell their property could make more in the long-term by investing in renovations in the short-term.

It is also important to maintain the condition of the roof and have it professionally inspected each year as the roof is what protects homeowners from the elements, weather, storms, and debris, says the company. The team also say that while restoring and cleaning a roof is important, so too is a top-quality paint coat that can increase the longevity of any home.

A spokesperson said: “A good looking home that makes a great first impression assures the buyers they will live in it care-free for at least a few years. Such a house would be a great catch on the market and buyers are more likely to agree to the asking price so they don’t miss the opportunity.”

“If you are thinking about a roof restoration project, be sure to enquire about our September promotional offer,” they added.

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