Hamden CT Greek Sandwich Restaurant Beer/Wine Menu And Outdoor Seating Launched

Freskos restaurant in Hamden, CT, launches a wine and beer menu and introduces an outdoor seating arrangements so customers can enjoy fresh Greek food in a relaxed, socially distanced setting.

Freskos, a Greek restaurant specializing in Greek sandwiches in Hamden, CT has launched outdoor seating and introduced a new selection of Greek wines and beers. The new outdoor seating is set up so customers can enjoy their food and drinks in safety with pandemic social distancing measures.

For more information visit: http://freskosgreek.com

The recent announcement is to enhance customers’ dining experience by providing them with traditionally Greek beverage choices and outdoor seating options.

Freskos makes authentic Greek delicacies available to Hamden locals at affordable prices in a casual, friendly environment. The restaurant is locally recognized for its Classic Gyro, made traditionally with meat slowly cooked on a vertical rotisserie.

The menu includes a wide range of options to satisfy different dietary preferences. The Imported Greek Veggie Burger and Tofu Souvlaki are dairy-free alternatives that can be customized to suit a vegan diet. The restaurant serves different kinds of fresh Greek salads with Kalamata olives and imported Feta. A variety of nutritious Mezethes or Greek appetizers are available including Stuffed Grape Leaves, Orzo Salad, and Greek Veggie Rolls.

The restaurant features popular Greek beers from Mythos and Fix Hellas alongside Clio The White Muse and Kourtaki wines.

Freskos aims to integrate authentic Mediterranean cuisine with an approachable American fast-food style. They serve traditional delicacies including Souvlaki, Avgolemono chicken soup, Taramosalata, and Karithopita walnut cake. They also offer Greco-American fusion options like Greek Pita Pizza and Lamb Tzatziki burgers.

Experts believe that the Mediterranean diet is wholesome and well-balanced with potential health benefits. The Freskos menu aims to incorporate the best elements of this diet by using fresh ingredients, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cold-pressed olive oil, and house-made yogurt.

With the latest announcement, Freskos continues its commitment to provide Hamden residents with safe, healthy fast-food options at reasonable prices.

Owner Peter Vouras said, “I patterned Freskos as a fast-casual sandwich shop that you would find in Athens or one of the islands. Everything is fresh and made to order. The menu is simple. The dishes are healthy and the decor is open, inviting, and clean, utilizing the colors of Greece.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://freskosgreek.com

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