Halls Head WA Property Management Services For Tenants And Landlords Launched

Western Australia’s Mandurah Property Management has launched their new specialised property management services and is now assisting both tenants and landlords in the Halls Head region.

Mandurah Property Management, a full-service property management firm based in Halls Head in Western Australia, has now launched their specialist property services tailored to the needs of both owners and tenants.

More information can be found at https://www.mandurahpm.com.au

The announcement is in response to the changes which occurred to rental legislation in Western Australia following the onset of the global pandemic, including moratoriums on evictions during designated emergency periods.

With the rights of both landlords and tenants shifting quickly in these complicated times, Mandurah Property Management believes it has never been more important to have good property representation.

For owners throughout the Mandurah and Peel regions, Mandurah Property Management is now assisting with the management of property portfolios, organising open homes and applications with a view to maintaining good tenancies in order to minimise vacancy intervals.

Moreover, in the case of delinquent tenants or overdue rent, Mandurah Property Management has also developed a number of quick response property intervention plans.

For tenants in the Halls Head region, the agency can assist with property searches, applications and the bond process. In case of any problems within the property, they likewise have a clear and simple maintenance request process.

Their growing list of rental properties is available on their website and there is an easy-to-use inspection booking function.

Mandurah Property Management features all properties for rent on their website and popular real estate sites such as www.realestate.com.au and www.domain.com.au.

Mandurah Property Management was founded by a passionate realtor Belinda McArthur. She formed Mandurah Property Management based upon a shared passion for their community and for providing people with the perfect home.

Belinda said of her commitment to her clients, “I look after my owners’ best interest beyond ridiculous levels. I once sold this house and personally chainsawed down a tree as it was in the offer and acceptance to do so and my poor sellers did not have time! Needless to say I acquired clients for life, which is generally how it goes with me.”

More information on their property services is accessible at https://www.mandurahpm.com.au

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