Halifax UK Lifetime Retirement Mortgage Safe Equity Release Services Launched

Halifax, England, mortgage specialist Finance Hunt recently updated its range of equity release and lifetime insurance solutions for retirees in the United Kingdom.

Finance Hunt, an equity release expert in Halifax, England, announced the launch of an updated range of interest only retirement mortgage and lifetime mortgage options. The company helps pensioners in the United Kingdom find safe and transparent equity release solutions.

More information can be found at https://www.financehunt.co.uk/halifax-lifetime-mortgage

For pensioners, equity release can be a means of getting a cash lump sum, income, or using the money they have tied up in their property. The newly launched equity release and lifetime mortgage solutions at Finance Hunt help retirees increase their income later in life.

Equity release is a way for homeowners over 55 to release tax-free funds from their homes, without having to move. This is an increasingly popular option for retirees or people approaching retirement to increase their finances.

Finance Hunt specialises in financial products for homeowners in retirement, including equity release, lifetime mortgages, conventional mortgages, and buy to let mortgages.

With a lifetime mortgage from Finance Hunt, clients borrow money secured against the value of their home. They also get a tax-free cash sum to spend as they want and keep ownership of their home.

The flexibility of their lifetime mortgage allows Finance Hunt to cater to varying client needs. For clients who are able to and want to make monthly payments, the company offers the option to pay some or all of the monthly interest amount by direct debit.

The company is also able to provide the option of a pre-agreed cash facility from which clients must take an initial lump sum payment.

Depending on their needs, the expert advisors at Finance Hunt can talk clients through all the different equity release mortgage options and help them decide on the most suitable option for them.

The official website of Finance Hunt states: “Finance Hunt has access to all the lenders on the main comparison engine sites as well as other lenders that do not want to be on the comparison sites.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or accessing https://www.financehunt.co.uk/hsbc-retirement-mortgage and https://www.financehunt.co.uk

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