Halifax NS Resilience Coaching | Depression/Mental Health Counseling Updated

DocChristine Coaching, Inc. (844-385-5111) updates its resilience coaching and counseling services for individuals fighting depression in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The consultancy helps clients embark on life strategies to overcome their condition.

As part of its expanded offering, the brain and mental health consultancy offers custom life strategy sessions led by its founder, retired MD and ND, Dr. Christine Sauer. The one-time course helps clients assess their life objectively and find the areas that may need improvement and develop a custom life strategy from there.

More details can be found at https://docchristine.com/life-strategies-with-dr-christine-sauer

The updated life coaching program is specifically designed for those seeking to improve their mental health and enhance overall wellness. Dr. Christine helps her clients identify the roots of their problems and guides them towards the treatment most likely to deliver tangible results in a cost-efficient manner.

New studies show that more people today are turning to resilience coaches to achieve their goals in life. The onset of the global pandemic highlighted a gap in health systems’ capacity to address individuals’ mental health concerns, with many people reaching the point of burnout without manifesting symptoms that could be characterized as a mental disease. Dr. Christine believes that if left untreated, these symptoms could potentially develop into depression.

In a recent article posted on the consultancy’s website, titled “What are the root causes of depression?,” Dr. Christine examines the five dimensions of brain and mental health: physical, mental, spiritual, social, and financial. Since depression is a multi-factorial disorder that requires a holistic approach to ensure recovery, she assesses each dimension of a client’s mental health during each life strategy session. The goal is to create a tailored strategy that can help her clients balance mood swings, deal with cravings, get over fatigue and restore motivation and energy.

Dr. Christine speaks from experience. As someone who has suffered severe depression before, she knows the struggles that one experiences when battling the condition. Still, she says that depression can be fully controlled thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, wherein it constantly adapts to one’s emotional responses, diet, lifestyle, and physical environment.

In addition to its depression-focused sessions, DocChristine Coaching also offers a range of other high-efficiency coaching programs, helping clients deal with panic and phobias, trauma fixations, problems with sleep, and parenting issues.

Those interested are invited to book a free call with Dr. Christine by texting YES to 844-385-5111 or through the company website.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://docchristine.com/root-causes-of-depression-5-dimensions-of-mental-health

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