Halifax NS NGO Podcast Fundraising Experts Charity Leaders Interviews Launched

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Fundmetric Inc., an AI-based charity fundraising platform from Halifax NS, has launched the Opt-In podcast, which interviews NGO leaders and experts about how they overcame industry obstacles.

Fundmetric Inc., a fundraising platform for NGOs based in Halifax NS, has recently launched the Opt-In Podcast, a monthly podcast interviewing seasoned experts on how to effectively raise charitable funds and resolve common industry obstacles.

More information is available at www.fundmetric.com/podcast

The informative episodes are available for free through Fundmetric’s site and cover essential advice on topics such as how to save an NGO, adapt to the global pandemic, become donor-centric, and convert to digital systems. Each episode of the Opt-In Podcast involves an interview with an industry expert, such as the CEO of CARE Canada Barbara Grantham and Jada Hoerr from the Midwest Food Bank.

Fundmetric is a full service fundraising platform that helps NGOs browse their data, create effective donor prediction models, and launch successful online campaigns. They have a team of AI specialists that provide the essential data collecting infrastructure that non-profit organizations need to become fully digitally enabled.

Their fundraising platform and newly launched podcast are designed to support NGOs with smarter lists, AI predictions, donor management, data capture, and marketing campaigns.

The recently released Fundmetric podcast hosts conversations with fundraising leaders from a diverse range of organizations, including the United Way of Kern County, the OSU Foundation, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation, the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Jewish National Fund, and the Breakfast Club of Canada.

The Opt-In Podcast is updated monthly and can be downloaded and enjoyed on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

In addition to working for admirable causes such as ending child hunger, the Opt-In leaders offer their expertise on overcoming common NGO problems, such as dealing with industry changes, the global health crisis, and reputation issues, in addition to modernizing dated systems.

Fundmetric uses AI to spot valuable data patterns, while continuously updating its systems to generate the most accurate recommendations and helping NGOs function more efficiently. By using AI to identify ideal donors, charitable organizations can better engage their patrons and streamline their important services.

Moreover, Fundmetric’s comprehensive platform allows NGO leaders to see their data and analytics all in one place, tracking donations, site traffic, and AI accurate predictions.

More information can be found at www.fundmetric.com, or by calling +1-800-231-6396.

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