Haitian Creole Grammar/Culture One-On-One Lessons – Online Tutoring Updated

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With the e-learning sector continuing to grow, making advanced education accessible for millions of people worldwide, a language school based in Miami, FL, announces a global expansion of its online Creole tutoring services.

Creole Tutors has launched an updated program of Haitian Creole courses for people wishing to deepen their understanding of Haiti’s culture and linguistic traditions – both historically and in modern use.

More details can be found at https://creoletutors.com/resources/learn-haitian-creole

The announcement details the school’s comprehensive syllabus, offering students one-on-one teaching from native speakers. The course provides an in-depth study of Haitian-Creole grammar, culture, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

While Haitian Creole is predominantly used within the Caribbean nation, it is spoken by around 10 to 12 million people across the globe. Haitian Creole has its roots in the French invasion of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola in the 18th century. French speakers often understand much of Haitian Creole owing to this linguistic lineage.

The courses are broken into 4 study units. These include People – learning how to greet, converse, and get to know others; Travel – understanding the language and vocabulary of directions and locations; Activities – conversations related to sporting pursuits and leisure; and Places – a look at familiar places such as homes, workplaces, and essential services such as pharmacies.

Enrollees also benefit from the detailed study of Haitian-Creole orthography, learning all about the 32 characters used in the language. These include 18 consonants, 7 vowels, 3 nasal vowels, 2 semi-vowels, a non-native consonant, and a digraph.

Creole Tutors offer complete flexibility for students. Course subscribers can pick their preferred times for study, accessing the lessons from anywhere in the world via the company’s secure learning portal. The school’s website contains a host of educational information and introductory guides to the Haitian-Creole language.

About Creole Tutors

The company was founded to promote Haitian-Creole culture around the world through an advanced online learning platform. The tutoring team is passionate about the rich history of the language and is committed to making lessons accessible to everyone regardless of ability.

A spokesperson says, “We believe our tutors are the best at what they do, each having experience with pedagogical procedures. Whether it’s adults or children, we know what needs each specific group has.”

With the launch of its updated services, Creole Tutors continues to set the bar for online language learning on a global scale.

For more information, please visit https://creoletutors.com/resources/learn-haitian-creole

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