Hair Restoration Clinic Launch New Treatment For Hair Restoration In Denver CO

Beyond Stem Cells, a private medical clinic located in Denver is excited to offer hair restoration in Denver using Exosomes and Stem Cells.

The team at Beyond Stem Cells, a private medical spa in Denver Colorado, is excited to launch a breakthrough treatment for hair restoration in Denver using exosomes. Exosomes, which are small lipid vesicles that are secreted from cells, are obtained from mesenchymal stem cells by Direct Biologics. Beyond Stem Cells utilizes Direct Biologics’ exosomes, ExoFlo TM, to induce anti-inflammatory responses in patients, and to re-vascularize targeted areas in patients’ bodies. The use of exosomes in hair restoration in Denver is pivotal because exosomes catalyze cellular communication, and the assembly of stem cells on the scalp to reverse hair thinning and hair loss.

At Beyond Stem Cells, patients are able to experience the benefits of being treated with ExoFlo, which introduces growth factor proteins, RNAs and biomolecules to areas of concern. This combination enhances youthful expression of cells in patients, and contributes to the hair growth that is guaranteed by the Beyond Stem Cells team. Growth factor proteins activate cellular differentiation, healing, anti-inflammatory responses, and angiogenesis, all of which enhance the results of hair restoration in Denver patients.

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Dr. Kent Beams, owner of Beyond Stem Cells, employs 32 years of rigorous experience to shape his private practice into Denver’s premiere hair restoration clinic. Dr. Beams graduated from Loma Linda University, and is a board certified anti-aging and regenerative medicine expert. He is passionate about using science-backed, state of the art treatments to help patients feel younger, and more confident in their appearance and their health.

Dr. Beams states: “The use of exosomes to enhance cellular communication to subsequently recruit an abundance of stem cells in targeted areas in patients makes Beyond Stem Cells a unique go to expert in hair restoration in Denver. Our unique offerings help the Denver community to restore their hair and facial appearance in a safe, rigorously studied manner.”

Stem cells utilized by the team at Beyond Stem Cells are derived from the stem cells in ExoFlo, and from other fats, but the team at Beyond Stem Cells take great care in matching which stem cell source is likely to produce the best results in patients with specialized cases.

The team at Beyond Stem Cells carefully evaluates each patient seeking hair restoration in Denver and develops a customized plan to address patient concerns. The source of stem cells utilized to treat patients for hair loss, hair thinning and for aging, is meticulously chosen in order for the best results to ensue. Results of hair restoration and facial rejuvenation treatments can be viewed in photos on the Beyond Stem Cell website. Visit the URL above for more information.

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