H20 Window Cleaning Crawley Celebrates Reaching 400 Active Customers Milestone

H20 Window Cleaning Crawley is celebrating reaching its 400 active customers milestone, and reveals some of its big wins and challenges it faced getting this far. More information on this Crawley window cleaner business can be found at https://crawleywindowcleaning.com/

H20, the Crawley Window Cleaner service is celebrating reaching its 400 active customers target. They are commemorating 6 very challenging years, and a steady customer expansion over that time. This is a major milestone for the Sussex, UK-based Residential and Commercial Crawley Window Cleaners, which has provided window cleaning services to local householders and business properties since 2011.

H20 Window Cleaning got its start in 2011 when founder Malcolm Vaughan saw with the developments in water purification technology, an opportunity to meet an ongoing demand for a home and business service that was being hampered by the ever-increasing complexity of the health and safety regulation landscape.. They are attributing their ongoing success in this marketplace to being able to effectively utilise highly purified water as a very reliable cleaner. More information about the business can be found at their website https://crawleywindowcleaning.com/

One of the earliest challenges the business faced was recruiting a dependable operations manager to oversee delivery of all cleaning services effectively, to help ensure the scheduled repeat work was carried out in a timely fashion and to satisfactory standards. And this was done very successfully. As a result, H20 Window Cleaning have been fortunate enough to enjoy real business expansion.

Malcolm Vaughan, CEO at H20 Window Cleaning was quoted as follows : “A major win recently was reaching the 400 customers milestone. This was a culmination of dedicated and continued hard work by our window cleaners. We look forward to a continued expansion into the future.” He continued : “We are delighted to be celebrating our 6 Year Anniversary. I believe the secret to getting this far in this business today is putting the customer first, without them we don’t have a business. We consider it very important to maintain high standards, and take our customer service seriously, ”. Check out their company video here at H20 Window Cleaning on YouTube

The business has big plans for the upcoming year. The continued proven effectiveness of the purified water fed pole window cleaning method that involves removing the dirt from windows using purified water and leaving them spotless, has encouraged their expansion into the provision of services for the cleaning of uPVC gutters, fascias, soffits etc, and also conservatory roof cleaning. One of their core objectives is now to reach 500 active customers, while maintaining at the same time the same high levels of service.

H20 Window Cleaning would also like to thank friends, customers, its window cleaners and all its partners for their good wishes on this happy occasion. The company has created a new web page on its site that provides some concise information for the prospective consumer about the purified water fed pole technology.

Readers looking for Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning in Crawley are encouraged to take a look at the H20 Window Cleaning Crawley website at https://crawleywindowcleaning.com/

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