Gyana’s Data Science Software Tools set to change the Data Science industry

Gyana release more information about their no-code platform which is set to change the way data scientists work with analytical data. Read on to find out more

Data science software tools are pieces of software or web applications that are used for the purpose of drilling down deep into complex data. In most cases, their use is for extracting, processing and even analysing data.

London-based data science start-up known by the name of Gyana reportedly raised $3.9 million in a round of funding back in 2020, this funding was led by Fuel Adventures, Twitter’s very own co-founder Biz Stone and Green Shores Capital among others.

Guyana used the funding to support the growth of its product and user base, whilst also expanding across various parts of the globe. Gyana’s sole mission is to enable individuals and businesses to perform complex data analysis without the need for coding.

Their data science software tools have become a staple within the industry with their user base expanding rapidly over the past year, primarily due to the ability to perform data science related tasks with absolute ease and efficiency thanks to AI.

Joyeeta Das, one of the co-founders of Gyana had this to say “We see no-code in a similar light to the use of translation services for languages. Not everyone on the planet is suited to being a developer, and even though newer generations are becoming more computer literate, we think there will still be a limited pool of professional high-level developers. As such, as businesses become increasingly tech-heavy, there is only ever going to be a growing need for No-Code platforms to take the burden off of development teams. We are also considering entering the Indian market soon as we see a huge opportunity there.”

Gyana’s platform makes it much easier for individuals and businesses to become data scientists themselves in a matter of a few clicks, instead of tediously learning a new programming language. This will effectively free up both individuals and businesses, time and resources and allow deep analysis without the need for code.

To find out more about Gyana’s latest release of the data science software tools, or to find out more about their business in general, please visit their website at the following link:

Release ID: 89027592