Gulf Breeze FL Sunroom Manufacturer Launches High Wind Resistant Products

sunroom specialist in Florida has launched an all-in-one design service where it handles the manufacturing and installation of its proprietary Florida Rooms, resulting in a superior structure and more savings.

A Florida sunroom manufacturing company, Titan Sunrooms, has introduced a custom sunroom design service that allows homeowners to save on building costs through a vertically integrated factory-direct business model.

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Gulf Breeze-based Titan Sunrooms offers customers a single point of contact for every sunroom need, from product manufacturing to installation. This uniquely reduces costs while providing the necessary expertise to guarantee a long-lasting structure.

According to the firm, its all-inclusive offering cuts out the middleman, that only adds an unnecessary layer of costs.

Titan Sunrooms manufactures the Colorbeam High Wind Framing system, a material that is 50% thicker than most of the light frame aluminum materials found in the market. This proprietary system is built to withstand the extreme Florida coastal climate, which is characterized by high winds, hurricanes, rain and corrosive salt air.

The characteristics of this framing system are particularly important in a state where the cycle of build and rebuild has been the norm, according to the company. It added that this problem is further compounded by the inadequacy of the framing materials used in most local structures.

“Each passing storm lays waste to virtually every aluminum screen room, sunroom, and patio, leaving an enormous pile of metal scrap in its wake,” the company said on its website.

Titan Sunrooms’s design process begins with a consultation to discuss the homeowner’s idea for their space. Once an order has been placed, the company will perform an engineering review to ensure compliance and optimum wind resistance. This stage will result in custom materials that are designed to match the approved project specifications.

The last step, installation, is also done in-house as the company employs its own certified craftsmen. The firm said that these professionals build projects while adhering to the company’s structural guidelines and standards. As proof of the professionalism, each completed sunroom is backed by a 40-year warranty.

The intensity of storms and hurricanes in Florida has been increasing in the past two decades as a result of warming oceans, according to the EPA. The agency also warned that the powerful wind speeds and the damage they cause can make wind insurance in the state more expensive.

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