GuitarBrief Releases New Review Of JamPlay Online Video Guitar Learning System

GuitarBrief Releases An In-Depth JamPlay Review. Is The Jam Play Learn Guitar Learning System Really The Ultimate In Easy Online Guitar Learning Experiences, Or Is It All Just Hype? Read On To Find Out More...

GuitarBrief released their new review of the JamPlay guitar learning system. This review probes into the JamPlay system to see if it really delivers the ultimate easy online guitar learning experience.

GuitarBrief owner and editor Derek says he put together the review because: “there are many people considering joining JamPlay at the moment, and there’s a lot of buzz around its potential benefits over other systems in the online guitar learning field”.

The review gives an objective and well-rounded analysis of how well JamPlay actually delivers, and some insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price. The review delivers a surprising amount of detail about the suitability of the JamPlay system for different individuals, according to skill levels and interests and age groups.

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All the features of the JamPlay system of teaching are examined, including their 3 phase learning system. Of major interest today is the multitude of options to view the content and the author takes a closer look at the technologies that are employed by the site to deliver their content.

Another important area to be looked at are the community elements, so there is an in-depth analysis of that also, revealing a mix of personal and group instruction levels. On top of that, there are several extra tools in the JamPlay system including interactive tabs and the chat feature, but are they of any value? All is addressed in the full length review.

Launched in February of 2007, JamPlay has quickly grown to become one of the largest video guitar lesson sites in the world. Presently, they feature 79 instructors, and each one presents their material from their own perspective, in their own unique manner. This allows the student to learn from a knowledgeable, but diverse group of individuals. Some experts in the industry says that this really helps the student to avoid picking up habits that may be a problem later.

The JamPlay team consistently film, edit and publish around 11 hours of new guitar lessons every 30 days; an enormous amount of material to keep their customers focused and keep their interests piqued. They currently have 4720 lessons available, averaging 16 minutes in length.

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