Guitar Learning Practical Tips For All Ages Beginners Blog Guide Launched

Best Guitar Tips has released a guide containing seven practical suggestions that beginners can use to improve their guitar playing skills. It caters to aspiring players of all ages.

Best Guitar Tips, a website created to help and inspire beginner guitarists, has launched a new guide. It features seven practical tips that beginners can use to improve their guitar playing skills.

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The newly announced newbies’ guide was written by Scottish guitarist/vocalist, Andy Murray. The professional player, who is also the owner of the site, compiled the tips based on his own personal experiences that would have transpired when he was a beginner guitarist.

Murray understands that many beginners are overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best of all the multitude of YouTube instructional videos or the advertisements for various guitar classes that are found on one’s Facebook feed. Having gone through the process himself, the guitarist knew exactly what tips would be useful for beginners.

The first tip in the guide is that of being honest with oneself. Murray notes that becoming a decent guitarist requires consistent practice, humility, and the desire to learn, as well as understanding that mistakes will be made along the way.

As such, he advises that beginners be honest with themselves about the stage that they are at without expecting overnight perfection. This, he says, will help one to have a much smoother learning journey.

The artist next advises that learners set goals for themselves. This is in keeping with the understanding that becoming a guitarist takes consistent and dedicated practice. One’s goals, he notes, should be monumental and not overwhelming.

Murray also encourages that aspiring guitarists should strive to learn the music they want to play instead of what they think they should play. He assures that one need not work towards playing music for which one has no affinity. Instead, they should find what interests them and pursue the same.

The other tips entail finding a guitar tuner and knowing how to use it, ensuring that one practices proper techniques from the beginning, and finding friends with whom one can play and practice. Learners are also encouraged to have fun and not to be judgemental of themselves.

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