GuildfordENT Stress Importance of Children’s ENT and Getting Children Seen To

Guildford ENT talk about children's ENT issues from glue ear to tonsillitis, what they are and how they can affect a child's development among other things.

Guildford ENT believe that Children’s ENT is important and always will be, if there’s a problem with your child’s ears, nose or throat it’s always best to get checked over by a specialist to ensure there’s no permanent damage further down the line or any complications in the meantime. One of the most frequently heard of children’s ENT problems is tonsillitis, this is a very common childhood illness (it also causes problems for many adults). The most common symptom is, of course, a sore throat, but it can be accompanied by a high fever and, in some cases, breathing problems.

The tonsils are a pair of ‘lymphoid organs’ that trap microorganisms as they enter the body. Not only can they remove these microorganisms, but they also teach the body’s immune systems to recognise them more easily in the future. As a result, they aid in the growth of a child’s immunity.

Many parents are concerned that removing the tonsils would interfere with the production of this immunity; however, there is a lot of lymphoid tissue spread around the mouth and throat, as well as other areas of the body, and there is no evidence that removing the tonsils impairs immunological development.

Another common ENT problem present within children is glue ear. Otitis media with effusion (OME, also known as Glue Ear) is a common childhood disease. It can result in hearing loss, which may first be noticed by parents or health care providers as a result of impaired speech and language development.

It may also result in recurring middle ear infections, which are upsetting for both the child and the parents. As the infection in the middle ear cavity builds up pressure and bursts through the ear drum, it can also cause a perforation (hole) in the eardrum.

A patient with OME can be managed in a variety of ways. These include a ‘wait and see’ strategy, hearing aids, and surgery. Some people recommend long-term, loathsome antibiotics for recurring infections.

The placement of ventilation tubes, or “grommets,” is a surgical procedure for OME that serves as a temporary repair. This buys time for the patient’s middle ear function to improve to the point that they no longer develop OME. Often a patient will need more than one collection of grommets.

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