Groveland FL Grief And Loss Counseling Online Therapist Workshop Launched

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A Groveland-based professional grief counselor has introduced a service that allows people who are grieving to safely receive grief support and counselling at their homes through online workshops.

A former teacher turned professional counselor has launched an online therapy workshop designed to provide support to people who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

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Ms. Laurie Robbins-Ryan’s The Grief Leaf is offering individuals an opportunity to receive professional grief support and guidance without the need to leave their homes. The service is based in Groveland, but it is also available for residents in the surrounding areas, including Mascotte, Minneola, Clermont, Mabel, Linden, Ferndale, and Montverde.

The Grief Leaf provides a number of grief support programs through Zoom meetings for individuals and groups. For individuals, the company offers one-on-one sessions that aim to provide a supportive environment ideal for getting through the grieving process.

Patients enrolled in this program will be guided through a process of rebuilding their appreciation for life as they engage in sharing and reflection with their counselor.

In group workshops, the counselor will determine the common issues and concerns of the entire group, in addition to the specific needs of each attendee.

Moreover, The Grief Leaf provides childhood grief support as young individuals struggle with loss differently than adults. Activities for kids can be arranged with family members or school administrators who want to address a specific concern with the young patient.

Ms. Robbins-Ryan struggled with grief herself after losing her husband and her mother in 2017. After leaving her teaching position, she enrolled in From Grief To Gratitude’s certification program and became a Professional Certified Grief Coach in 2018.

Her counseling techniques are unique in that she combines her professional expertise as a counselor and as an educator with her own insights drawn from a firsthand experience with loss.

The CDC had described grief as a “normal response” to loss or other traumatic events. It stated that a grieving person may experience shock or disbelief, distress, anxiety, anger, sleeplessness, and periods of sadness.

The agency also stated that the ongoing pandemic is causing many people grief as some may experience multiple losses, in addition to not being able to accompany a loved one during their last moments.

Asking for help from others is one of the CDC’s primary recommendations when dealing with grief, which can include grief counseling or support groups. “Especially those that can be offered over the phone or online,” it stated.

Full details about the company’s care packages can be found at the URL above.

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