Grounding Shows Promise for BOSS Outsource Accounting Workers & Office Employees

Recent research now recognises grounding as an alternate means to increase energy and turn around the health of anyone participating in this practice.

These days mostly without realising, people are completely bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’s, twenty-four-seven. These frequencies come from everything from lights to fridges, mobile phones to computers, electricity metres and smart metres (being a huge contributor), to name just a few. With such an overwhelming amount of these EMF’s swimming around it begs the question, are these frequencies doing anything to humans?

Unfortunately, they’re making people sick! Slowly, silently these unbiased frequencies carry on with no regard to someone’s age, gender, income status or occupation. They are unforgiving and relentless and will cause all sorts of illnesses from migraines to cancer, foggy brain, memory issues and aches and pains. So what can everyone do to offset some of these EMF’s in their lives?

It’s a fairly new term called grounding or earthing. They are both the same words given to simply walking barefoot on the Earth’s surface. That’s it? It couldn’t be that easy, could it? The key is to make contact with the surface of the Earth which means also sitting or laying on the ground. Make sure no shoes are worn as shoes normally have a rubber sole which breaks the contact between the person and Earth and prevents the magic from occurring. The basic act of touching the ground allows Earth to pull the electromagnetic fields from the human body (including animals that are constantly barefoot). It is modern day lifestyles of doing most things indoors, working and even downtime these days spent in front of the television or computers, that is preventing people from enjoying these health benefits. As BOSS is an outsourcing accounting work firm, it may seem strange that such a business is talking about non-business related issues. But, consider that a business is nothing without its staff. That includes an accounting firm’s in-house employees or their outsourced accountants.

When firms begin to upskill their knowledge on basic health techniques that can change their own health and the health of their staff, work becomes less of a chore for a lot of employees as they aren’t experiencing ill health. This in turn allows for fewer mistakes made and staff enjoying more of their daily tasks as much less time is spent feeling discomfort with aches, pains and migraines. Earthing has also been shown to assist in reducing stress levels and balancing stress hormones and other chronic health conditions.

If this is interesting enough to want to learn more about a documentary that created and gained the interest of scientists and even the 6th man who walked on the moon, check out “Grounded” – An independent documentary about grounding.

The Marketing Manager and Client Happiness Supervisor for the outsource accounting work firm, BOSS comments on what grounding can do for your business, “Most people these days have many kinds of illnesses and a lot of those are undiagnosed or even misdiagnosed. If people can heal themselves by doing something as simple as spending some time outdoors in nature without shoes on, it doesn’t get much more simple than that. And if BOSS can spread some knowledge that can help their clients’ employees, whether in-house or outsourced staff, then spreading the word is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want their employees to come to work with a cheer in their step and more energy which results in much less mistakes at work?”

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