Ground Breaking Research Uncovers the Lasting Effect of HZ in Young Children

A reputable research company has released their free report on the effects of antiviral treatments in young children. For more information on this topic, follow the link above.

A reputable research company heavily focused on the health and wellness industry has released their free report today: New Evidence Reveals Shingles Virus is More Common Among Children. This report helps to prove that, even after being vaccinated for chicken pox, children are still susceptible to shingles infections. As the first study of its’ kind, this new data revealed that children who were given antiviral treatments had a greater chance of developing shingles than children who did not receive the same treatment.

This ground breaking report focuses on the lack of preventative measures available to protect children from shingles infections. Recently discovered research shows that children who are infected with chicken pox before the age of 2 are more likely to develop shingles. This report helps to open the curtains on the industry and give regular people insights they won’t find elsewhere.

Prominent fixtures in the health and wellness community have decided to share these findings in hopes of broadening the communities knowledge on natural alternatives. Based on the finding in this study, they feel it is more important to share their knowledge about effective, safe and natural extracts with scientifically proven antiviral properties.

For instance, extracts from red marine algae, organic fucoidan, maitake and shiitake mushrooms all have natural antiviral benefits but won’t cause adverse effects like conventional medicine can. New human research has actually illustrated the ways in which fucoidan works as a powerful viral inhibitor, in addition to the already impressive research.

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