Groovefunnels Lifetime Platinum Offer Ends February 22nd 2022, Exits Beta.

Cogent Online Solutions announced to clients today that the Groove platform is exiting beta from February 23rd 2022. A special 'Lifetime Platinum' One Time Payment Deal is offered until then.

Online professionals, business owners, online marketers, eCommerce store owners who need state of the art digital solutions to their websites, funnels, mailings lists, membership sites, and ecommerce storefronts need to be aware that the Groove platform is coming out of and moving to a monthly subscription of $299 from February 23rd 2022. However, up until February 22nd, Groove is offering a ‘One Time For Lifetime’ payment of $1997 which gives access to the whole platform, updates included, for life. Sign up for a free account and look over the platform by visiting

Groove has many unique benefits for customers, including:

One stop shop for Online Digital Marketing & eCommerce – consolidate all of your online marketing and/or selling needs into a single integrated hub. Stop paying for individual product suppliers and save on your bottom line.

18 Apps in one platform – Groovepages, groovefunnels, groovemail, groovekart and many more apps make this the ‘go to’ platform for the next stage of cutting edge online marketing service provision. More information can be found at

OneTime For Lifetime Deal – From February 23rd, a monthly subscription of $299 will apply. There is still a chance to get the Lifetime Platinum membership deal for a one off payment of $1997. Yes, that’s right….one payment for life! Forever, all future updates included.

Godfrey Daniel, Director of Client Relationship Management at Cogent Online Solutions had this to say about the end of beta and next steps for the company:

“‘Sign up for a free account and review all the features and products in the Platinum Lifetime Upgrade option. It may well be that many apps will not apply to your business right now but if growth is on the agenda, it’s going to require solutions that can save time, scale with the growth and provide an advantage. Over time, you can continue stacking the technology you need individually along with those sizeable monthly payments…Or you can pay a one-time fee and gain access to a platform that does it all, for life.'”

For those Online professionals, business owners, online marketers, eCommerce store owners who would like more information, a full rundown of all the features, benefits and functionality can be found at

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