Griffith ACT Vet Veterinarian Surgery Desexing Orthopaedic Services Launched

Griffith veterinarian center Manuka Veterinary Hospital (+61-2-6295-6089) updated its surgical services to provide pet owners in Griffith and Canberra with cutting-edge desexing, orthopaedic surgery, wound suture, abscess drainage and various other solutions.

Manuka Veterinary Hospital, a professional veterinary clinic based in Griffith, announced an updated range of surgical services for clients in Griffith, Canberra and the surrounding area. The hospital offers state-of-the-art pet surgery including desexing, wound suture, abscess drainage, orthopaedic surgery and various others, using high-quality gaseous anaesthesis and fluid therapy for a safe and rapid recovery.

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Working with a professional veterinarian is essential to ensure the health and safety of one’s pets. From routine procedures such as desexing to more advanced surgical interventions, an experienced veterinarian provides the high-quality services needed while also ensuring that the pet’s health record is adequately monitored and registered.

Manuka Veterinary Hospital has more than thirty years of experience providing professional veterinarian services to clients in Griffith, Canberra and the surrounding area. The hospital has announced an update of its surgical services to implement the latest veterinarian innovations, offering pet owners access to full-service surgeries for a variety of conditions.

Pet owners can contact Manuka Veterinary Hospital for professional desexing surgeries. The hospital offers pre-anaesthetic consultation, desexing, post-surgical care and monitoring to ensure the safety and comfort of the pet. Pet owners also benefit from professional consultations on the specific aspects related to the procedure and post-surgery pet care.

The Griffith veterinarian hospital also offers soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries. From broken limbs to intestinal surgery and exploratory abdominal surgery, these intereventions are essential for the pet’s health, being among the most common veterinarian procedures. All surgeries are undertaken in a sterile, safe and constantly-monitored environment by experienced, licensed and certified surgeons.

Griffith and Canberra pet owners can also benefit from complete routine surgery procedures such as wound suture, abscess drainage, lump removal and various others.

The recent service update is part of the company’s efforts to provide the local community with cutting-edge veterinarian services.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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