Grief Coping Gift Loss Help Personalized Legacy Inspirational Products Launched

Miss-U-Gram, an app devoted to helping people cope with grief, has released a line of branded and personalized products aimed at users who want to further support the company’s mission.

The creator of Miss-U-Gram, an app designed to help users cope with grief, has launched a line of branded products for the app’s growing number of users.

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With the release of these products, its founder is aiming to inspire a cultural shift toward awareness and support for people who are grieving. The revenue generated by these products will also be used to further develop the Miss-U-Gram app and improve user experience.

The company offers a wide range of t-shirt designs, with various inspirational slogans printed, such as “everyone wants to be remembered” and “tribute, cope, share”. Prices start at $19.99.

It also retails the Miss-U-Gram Celebrant mug for $19.99, which bears the app’s logo and slogan and can be customized with the photo of the departed.

Recommended products from other vendors are also featured whose sales can also allow the company to reach its funding goals.

Miss-U-Gram is a social media app that allows a member to create a memorial page for a loved one who passed. People who know the deceased can visit the page and share their own stories and photos for the benefit of the grieving user.

The app also enables one to create chatrooms and send direct messages to other users through its private messaging capability.

Miss-U-Gram can be downloaded for free from Google Play, App Store, and Amazon Appstore.

The CDC recognizes grief as a normal response to loss or any traumatic event, such as a disaster. People who are grieving may experience shock, anxiety, distress, sleeplessness, and other reactions, according to the agency.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the CDC found that more people are struggling with grief. It recommends a number of actions to cope with this feeling, such as creating a virtual memory book for deceased loved ones and connecting with other people.

“One can do these recommendations easily using our app,” a company spokesperson said. “With it, one can be part of a caring community where everyone helps each other by paying tribute to those they had lost and sharing unforgettable memories.”

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