Greg Mikesell Launches Blog Shares Bright and Sunny Economic Forecast for Austin

Greg Mikesell launches a personal blog with an in depth article on Austin's bright and sunny economic future. Mikesell details the reasons why the "live music capital of the world" Austin, Texas has thrived since the depression of 2007.

Greg Mikesell of Austin, Texas announced the launch of his blog,, a personal site dedicated to his views on a wide range of topics from economics to sports to the best places to go in Austin. He recently posted an article he wrote on Austin’s bright economic forecast, detailing the reasons why the city has continued to draw people to it since the depression of 2007.

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“Austin is a great place to live and work and play–and to thrive,” said Mikesell. “It has a vibrant economy with a skilled workforce and ample opportunity in a number of sectors.”

Austin is home to a number of industries that have ensured its economic success over the years, including the tech industry, the leisure and hospitality industries, and health services and research. Home to the University of Texas at Austin and primarily considered a tech town with a number of large and small tech firms, Austin attracts skilled workers from university alumni and from all over the world. As CEO at Principle Health Group, Greg Mikesell is also a dedicated professional in another of Austin’s most up and coming sectors–healthcare.

Austin’s acclaim as the “Live Music Capital of the World” is due to the fact that it has more live music venues per capita than anywhere else in the nation and is home to some of the largest music events and festivals in the world. And that has a significant impact on Austin’s economy through ticket sales, hotel room sales, travel, restaurant covers and more. Hugely successful festivals such as South by Southwest and the Fun Fun Fun Fest bring in hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

All of the job opportunities have created a constant stream of people migrating to Austin, which in turn has created a demand for housing that makes for a hot real estate market, as well.

Greg Mikesell has used his passion to work with various startups and help small businesses survive with his financial acumen. His vision relies on his strengths to recognize, create, implement, and manage new business opportunities with his marketing and operations experience. Mikesell is also a graduate of the University of Texas San Antonio with a BBA in Accounting and a minor in Finance. His new blog offers other engaging topics such as local Austin news, entertainment, sports and funny news bloopers.

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