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Why Choose PHAZE™? Consider the 5 A’s: ACCESS, AUTOMATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, AUDIT TRAIL, ANALYTICS. The release of PHAZE™ was a home run. Customers love it! Contact us today for a PHAZE™ demo. Achieve project and collaboration efficiency with our 30 day free trail.

PHAZEAchieving the “Perfect Project”

The future of Cloud Computing provides all businesses and enterprises with virtually unlimited possibilities to create organizational efficiency. PHAZE delivers ultimate organization efficiency while empowering the ability to achieve perfect project delivery. Perfection can be achieved by lessons learned from projects completed in PHAZE and the application of those lessons on future projects. PHAZE empowers project governance, process standardization, data discovery and analytics. When PHAZE becomes a part of everything that an organization does, the ability to analyze and repeat the best practices of a concluded project in the next project is realized. All stakeholders will realize the power of “thinking in data”.

PHAZE “FIVE Aze” Benefits: Empower the “Perfectly Delivered Project”

Access: All role-based stakeholders will have secure access to all project records via the Cloud. PHAZE provides a central repository for all project records and data.

Automation: All processes and tasks required to complete a collaborative review and correspondence are automated in PHAZE. Paper delivery and printing, text messaging, emails and phone calls can be eliminated creating efficiency.

Accountability: PHAZE workflows provide accountability by notifying stakeholders of their tasks, a duration of time in which to complete the tasks, and transparency in that process stakeholders can track who has the “ball-in-court” responsibility to complete the tasks.

Audit Trail: PHAZE records the actions of its users, including a date and time stamp, while managing the collaborative workflows. Doing so provides additional transparency and accountability. The audit trail provides who was in the know and when the information was obtained and/or relayed via a workflow.

Analytics: Data entered into PHAZE while collaborating enables data analytics. The data is presented on PHAZE dashboards known as “Data Visualizations.” The analytics permit managers, team members and other stakeholders of the collaborations and reviews to make informed decisions.

Disparate Systems Resolved

Your project stakeholders work across a global business ecosystem in various capacities to conceive, plan, design, implement, close-out and maintain your projects. While your clients have their own information technologies that achieve business results for their companies, these internal systems remain disconnected and do not deliver organizational efficiency for your projects. Without PHAZE, disparate data systems are being utilized by your stakeholders. You have no insight into all project data, stakeholder tasks and the status of their progress. Stakeholders including external vendors, consultants and contractors to internal executive managers, organizational SMEs, project managers and all personnel involved in business process workflows to deliver a project are also consuming data in disparate systems. PHAZE resolves the inefficiencies by providing a unified location where stakeholders are collectively “thinking in the data.” PHAZE provides a secure central repository of all project communications, requests, approvals, meta-data and documents empowering the ability to achieve perfect project delivery.

Project Governance

PHAZE features provide controls and compliance for the project delivery by assuring that all team members conform to your organization’s specified workflow processes which will be routed in PHAZE. With PHAZE, ball-in-court responsibility is tracked encouraging timely and efficient completion of work. The transparency of the assigned responsibility for a task encourages project teams to complete work not only by the due date, but ahead of the due date. The PHAZE audit trail further encourages timely completion of tasks due to recording a history of who did what in PHAZE and when it was done. With PHAZE, stakeholders cannot claim that they were not in the know; claims and disputes are eliminated. With these benefits, PHAZE can command 250% more efficiency in task completion in 50% less time.

PHAZE Implementation

PHAZE was created with simplicity in mind. It is as easy to use as a Web browser and requires no multi-year consulting firm engagement to implement as with an ERP. Optionally, PHAZE can be integrated into your legacy systems and ERP solutions, or PHAZE can provide a simple CSV file for consumption in any data-driven system. Please contact us today for a demo and a free 30-day trail.

Release ID: 88997826