Greenwich CT Cryo for weight loss, rejuvenation and recovery reaches 200 clients

Combine Cryo celebrates serving more than 200 clients in under 3 months. Apart from serving the recovery needs of athletes, there has been interest from clients for the weight loss, skin rejuvenation and mood enhancing benefits of whole body cryotherapy.

Combine Cryo, located in Greenwich CT, provides whole body cryotherapy services- exposing clients to -250 deg F temperatures for 2-3 minutes in their cutting edge whole body cryo sauna. This safely stimulates beneficial physiological responses including increased metabolism with up to 800 extra calories burned – promoting weight loss, skin rejuvenation, muscle recovery, reduction in inflammation and a mood boost from the release of endorphins.

Having commenced operations in July, Combine Cryo has already provided nearly 1,000 treatments to over 200 clients.

Co-owner Christina Vitale said “We opened this business primarily to serve athletes and their recovery back in July. What we did not expect was the interest from clients on the weight loss and aesthetic benefits as well as mood enhancement from whole body cryotherapy. The brief exposure to the ultra cold temperatures causes an increase in metabolism for several hours after the treatment which can burn up to 800 extra calories whilst the vasoconstriction of surface blood vessels during the treatment helps rejuvenate skin. The release of endorphins is a known physiological response to the sudden ultra cold temperature and this causes people to have a natural spike in their energy and mood levels.”

Combine Cryo is currently offering Grand Opening Specials including a first free session and generous discounts on packages as well as monthly unlimited memberships. Combine Cryo is open 7 days a week with convenient early morning and late evening hours. Booking can be made online at

Ms Vitale said “We really want Greenwich and surrounding residents to experience this amazing treatment. That’s why we offer a first free session and have a variety of discounted packages currently. It’s amazing that over 200 people have experienced Combine Cryo in less than 3 months! We are sure that once people try cryotherapy they will want to come back for more. Given how efficient the treatment is, it is ideal for busy people who only need to take 10 – 15 minutes out of their day to come in, get changed and spend 2-3 minutes in the cryo sauna.”

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