Greenville Chiropractic Massage Acupuncture Nutrition Service Upgrade Released

Greenville residents can now improve mobility and reduce pain with the newly launched upgraded wellness services now offered by Carolina Health In-novations, a one-stop health solutions clinic.

Carolina Health Innovations, a one-stop wellness clinic in Greenville, has launched their updated services, so they now include the best in rehabilitative and wellness care for people of all ages. Now providing chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and nutritional counselling, as well as customized exercise and fitness programs, and corporate wellness plans, Carolina Health Innovations provides non-surgical and practical techniques to ensure a long, healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

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Recently released, the updated services use the latest technology and techniques to power-up rehabilitative and wellness care, so pain gets eliminated with causes of problems isolated and corrected. Highly trained and experienced specialists deliver all updated services at the clinic based on many years of clinical treatment expertise.

The updated chiropractic services treat pulled muscles, spasm control and correction of alignment from injury or serious accidents. Chiropractors at Carolina Health innovations also treat auto accidents, personal injuries, disc problems, lower back problems, headaches, paediatric care, pregnancy, sciatica pain, sports injury and vertebral subluxation.

The range of massage now offered at Carolina Health innovations are Swedish, neuromuscular, prenatal, sports, hot stone and the clinic’s most popular, deep tissue. Treatments are for 30, 60 and 90 minutes in duration and cater to patient schedules.

Carolina Health Innovations offer a comprehensive approach to the management and reduction of musculoskeletal pain and a cause-related pro-active approach to wellness. Clinic specialists continually upskill so they can treat patients effectively and help them to manage their ailments and regain their health.

When asked about the wellness facility’s improved services, patients said, “The weekly adjustments have alleviated my issues and has allowed me to live pain-free. I have celiac disease and irritable bowel and the chiropractic adjustments have reduced cramping. My health has improved greatly after receiving regular massages. I tore my rear deltoid and rotator cuff and after my first acupuncture treatment, I felt phenomenal. Before chiropractic treatment, I had tinnitus in one ear, headaches and constant sinus problems along with neck and shoulder pain. That’s all gone now. Rarely do I suffer from any of those problems.”

To find out more about Carolina Health Innovations and their upgraded services, call 864 288 8593 or click on the link above. Website visitors can learn more about chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and wellness treatments that the clinic have on offer and the benefits of these services.

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