Greensboro NC Online Speech Analytics Masterclass for Contact Centers Launched

Greensboro, NC-based CX Global Media launches an online speech analytics masterclass that enables contact center professionals to better mine data and insight from customer calls.

CX Global Media, a contact center solutions provider in Greensboro, NC, announces the launch of its online speech analytics masterclass. This program is designed to help CX executives, speech analytics leaders and speech analytics specialists to mine data and insight from customer calls.

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The masterclass enables speech analysts to convert unstructured human conversations into minable, searchable, and structured data. Doing so allows contact centers to further improve customer service and optimize operations.

It is open to all speech analyst professionals, who can enroll on their own or have their employers sponsor them. The instructor will be Carmit DiAndrea, a global customer experience, insights, and analytics executive.

The masterclass will be divided into three modules. The first one will cover topics such as the value of speech analytics, computing ROI, tools for success, and integrating speech analytics into existing QA teams.

The second module tackles subjects such as transcription accuracy and sentiment analysis. It also delves into turning speech analytics from mere reporting to business intelligence.

The third module discusses data planning, problems with prediction, and prescriptive analytics problems. There will also be sections on common stakeholder blindspots and potential technical issues.

Attendees who complete the course will be duly recognized as a Certified Speech Analytics Specialist. They will also receive a digital badge that they can append to emails and LinkedIn profiles, as well as a printable certificate.

The masterclass comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Attendees who are not satisfied with their learnings will be reimbursed for the course fee.

This online learning course is part of CX Global Media’s efforts to up-skill and modernize the contact center industry. It regularly holds learning sessions and events specifically designed for professionals in this field.

A company representative says: “Speech analytics has become a vital part of the contact center industry. This advanced class enables speech analysts to add more value to their companies through the lessons they will learn.”

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