Greenhouse LED Lamp Grow Plants Indoor 24W Light Bulb Protection Launched

A new LED bulb aiding the growth of plants has been launched by Vetomix, an online lighting specialist. These new bulbs help customers to grow and maintain plants in areas of low natural sunlight and in the depths of winter.

Vemotix, an online lighting retailer, has released a new lightbulb to aid plant growth. This new LED grow bulb is suitable for helping plants grow in areas where not enough natural light reaches, and is ideal for customers looking to create and maintain greenhouses indoors, where the plants are protected from harsh weather.

The bulbs, available through Amazon, are professionally designed 24W LED lamps that recreate the perfect mix of red and blue light frequencies, ensuring summer sun effects in the depths of winter. The LED lamp design also ensures that plants will not burn or be damaged in any way by the light emitted and by keeping the plants at the optimal distance the customer can keep plants healthy and flourishing.

The site explains that one LED lamp alone can grow three healthy plants at the same time meaning that as well as being just as effective as sunlight when cultivating plants in areas of poor light or in winter, they are also a space saving solution to growing plants indoors or in smaller greenhouses.

Vetomix states that the LED lights will last customers for several years, offering more value for money than any other lamp in the same category. Also because they last a long time customers do not need to worry about wasting time with returns. Vetomix goes on to explain that they also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products, with a full refund if customers are not amazed by the quality of their product.

Vetomix are currently promoting special money saving offers on their Amazon products page. There are different tiers of savings offered, for instance if a customer purchases any two Vetomix grow LED bulbs then they will receive $5 off of their entire purchase. This saving increases the more bulbs are purchased, with the top end at $17 off of the customer’s entire purchase when 5 bulbs are bought.

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