Green Screen Lab 2016 Ionut Macovei et al Professional Video Software Launched

Ionut Macovei et al just announed the 2016 launch of Green Screen Lab, a professional video software that allows users to use their home or office as a studio and turn raw video footage into professional-grade videos.

Green Screen Lab, a green screen video software launched by Ionut Macovei et al, allows users to turn a small space in their home or office into a green screen studio in order to create professional videos to increase their marketing results.

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There has been a shift into video marketing, with 92% of the top selling products in the online digital marketing place, regardless of niche or product, using video. And online consumption of videos is growing with 92% of mobile video consumers sharing videos with others, according to HubSpot. When deciding whether to purchase a product online, 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.

Also noted is that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% making video a powerful way to communicate a business or organization brand story, explain their value proposition and build relationships with customers and prospects.

Green Screen Lab is a software designed to convert raw video footage into professional-grade video with the use of green screen technology. It allows a user to include professional video technology in their marketing campaign by making videos from their home or office in order to upload and share online without the high cost of video production.

It targets increased retention rates, converting viewers into customers, developing more traffice from YouTube videos and higher click-through-rates on Facebook ads. A sales video with the product creator in front of the camera talking to their audience builds trust, showing they have a product that is trying to solve the prospect’s problem.

The Green Screen Lab software includes green screen training. It covers how to set up the user’s home or office studio, how to record videos and how to edit them for best results. It includes 160 virtual sets, whether the user wants to appear in an office setting, in a studio-like setting or a beach front house.

Available with Green Screen Lab is editing software and tutorials on how to use it.

More information on the Green Screen Lab software launch can be found at:

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