Green Rocket Marketing Announces Major Change of Service Offerings

Green Rocket Marketing,a California marketing agency that develops branded online advertising programs for local businesses that provide high value services, has discontinued their general program offerings to focus exclusively on providing "pay per call" lead generation for dentists who offer dental implants and/or Invisalign braces.

Green Rocket Marketing, which successfully developed customized, branded online advertising programs for local businesses providing high value services, has made the decision to change their business model to focus all their efforts on becoming a top supplier of exclusive “per per call” phone leads for all dentists who offer the services of dental implants and/or Invisalign braces.

Drawing on their extensive experience using a mix of online and offline methods to effectively position their existing clients as the “go to” local business for whatever service they offered, Green Rocket Marketing found that the opportunity to use their expertise to generate phone leads exclusively for the dental industry better served their company goals while providing new clients with more clearly definable results for their marketing investment.

Using proprietary online advertising techniques in addition to a relatively new offline method for direct advertising of these high value dental services to prospective patients in very specific geo-targeted areas, Green Rocket Marketing is able to deliver a consistent monthly flow of qualified phone leads to local dentists across the USA that offer these services.

Green Rocket Marketing owner, Irvin Mulholland, describes the service offering change in this way “Based on the feedback we received from our general client base regarding the ongoing fixed costs involved in maintaining a branded, “done for them”, marketing program that couldn’t always guarantee consistent results month to month, we decided to change our business model to using our advertising expertise to generate qualified phone leads at a “pay per call” rate exclusively for dental practices that offer the high value services of dental implants and/or Invisalign braces. As opposed to having a fixed cost of several thousands of dollars each month with no guarantee as to the number of leads coming in from a customized marketing program, the pay per call model allows our new dental clients much greater flexibility insofar as deciding how much they want to budget for qualified leads each month and…with our guarantee they will receive all the leads they pay for…the certainty they will receive them. We use the best call tracking software in the industry and furnish all our clients with an online portal where they can verify each lead they receive and automatically purchase additional leads. Best of all, we have structured our lead pricing so as to give our new dental clients a realistic opportunity to achieve an absolute minimum ROI of 10 times their lead spend with us!”

Important to note is that the Green Rocket Marketing pay per call lead opportunity program is currently being offered strictly on a first come, first serve basis as to the number of dental practices they can effectively work with in any particular geographical location in the U.S.A.

For more details on Green Rocket Marketing’s pay per call lead opportunity program, they can be reached by email at: or by phone at 415-506-8834.

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